LIP Alert: Kevyn Aucoin the expert lip color!

Hey lipstick lovers!  I’ve been playing around with some new lipsticks I picked up in New York this last Fashion Week and can I say SWOON????


I wanted to share Kevyn Aucoin’s the expert lip color lipsticks with you!


As you know, I PLAY with a lot of makeup.  I’m always touching, testing, feeling, and experiencing all brands and styles to report back to you.  I also am always in the mood to play because I love it, and it’s fun to use in my freelance career.


There are two reasons why I wanted to share these lipsticks from Kevyn Aucoin with you.



Ok so lets start with feel.  I am really, really impressed. The color is bright without the heaviness.  Honestly I am wearing a red right now (the perfect red that I’ll get into in a minute) and it feels like I have nothing on my lips.  Not in a bad way like they feel dry and chapped, but in a way where you feel like you need to check in the mirror because you wouldn’t believe you have lipstick on.  Know what I mean?  Usually a brighter lipstick you can really FEEL.  (Hope that makes sense.)  These lipsticks also wear really really well so minimum touchups are involved, and they are really moisturizing.  It’s not a matte finish, but it’s also not a gloss finish.  It’s that perfect in-between.  Moisturized, and picks up a little bit of shine in the light.


Next up, the swatches AKA the colors.  I love so many of the colors in this formula, it was hard for me to get just one (obviously….!)  They nailed it with the tones, and when I’m looking at the colors I’m thinking,” yep, that’s the perfect toned red, yep, that’s the perfect toned pink”……etc, etc.  I really like all of the colors.  They produced enough varieties of colors, but no too much too where you get stressed or overwhelmed.  (Sorry MAC you stress me out…!)


Now lets talk about a few stand out colors:


ELIARICE: This is the color I have on in the photos, and I’d like to call this THE PERFECT RED LIPSTICK FOR FALL.  It’s got a little warmth to it which goes well with most clothes and tones that we tend to gravitate towards in the fall.  It also looks great in the daylight, or after the sun goes down. I AM OBSESSED with this RED!

ARIABELLE: UMMMM cutest pink ever!  What more do I have to say?  Not to bubble gum, not to warm, just cute and perfect.

JORJIA:  If you like fuchsia, this is your lipstick.  It pops, but it’s not offensive.  It’s just good.  Enough said.

SAYLAIR:  You know me and that I’m not a nudey girl, but if I were a nudey girl, this is the color I would mix with my pinky-nude lip liner.  It’s on the warmer side (a sandy-nude) so would be made more for darker/olive toned girls (which tend to look better in nudes anyways!)

ROSERIN:  Mom if you are reading this, this is the color for you!  Haha but I am always trying to find her the perfect rose-plum, and this is it!  Not to brown, not too purple…..just right!

YANILENA:  If you are not quite ready to give up summer (or if you live in LA where we can’t seem to get a fall), this is the perfect bright coral.  Would also be fab going more into the winter months.  I feel a top knot, one coat of mascara, glowy skin, and this on the lips.  KNOCKOUT!


So this is the story of these Kevyn Aucoin lipsticks, and unfortunately I don’t have every single color to tell you about, but those were some of the standouts for me.  Of course, go check them out and play, but know that it is worth the money and they FEEL and LOOK great!  XOXO

If you live outside of the US, you can get it at Sephora or Barneys, which can ship internationally.

US girls, here it is at Nordstrom or Space NK.