• January 27, 2016
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Have you ever been shopping on Nasty Gal, Forever21, Reformation, or For Love and Lemons and had MAJOR HAIR ENVY?  The hair for all of those e-comm websites is ON POINT.  If you were a fly on the wall backstage on any photoshoot sets in LA, this is the most requested style and technique.  Period.  I like to call it the “LA Cool Girl Hair.”  Effortless, textured, with purpose, but looking like you didn’t REALLY try.  It’s the balance.  You want it to look good, but not like you sat and made perfect ringlet curls.

Most people naturally don’t have this texture in their hair.  If you do, I seriously envy you!  Anyways, the key is using two different tools to really give variation in the hair texture.  This creates movement and special little bits throughout the hair.

This is a style I do quite often on many of the shoots I work on, and the amount of texture varies.  Sometimes I make it less bendy, especially if I’m using wind on the model, and sometimes I make it even more fuzzy.  Just depends.  But at least with this tutorial it is going to give you an idea of the technique.

I made a short video for you to watch, and I also want to explain to you in words what to do.  Deal?  Let’s start with a word description.

Basically you are going to use BOTH a flatiron and curling iron to create texture.  It’s easiest to start in the back and clip up the rest of the hair to get it out of the way.  Towards the bottom it’s great to use a flat iron to add some simple bend in the hair.  I filmed the technique a lot in the video that you are going to watch, but think about revving up a motorcycle.  That’s the wrist movement you are going to do to create texture.

As you are pulling down sections, it’s easiest to spray a little texture product in the roots as you go.  I have been switching off lately between three amazing products.  Sally Hershberger, Kevin Murphy, and Oribe.  (Click on them for links and full product descriptions.)  Also you are going to alternate your tool for each section.  Flatiron, curling iron, flat iron, curling iron…….you get the idea.  This creates more of a kinky wave mixed with a curl and it makes the perfect texture.  ALSO, when curling the hair, alternate the direction of your curl.  Do some towards the right, and some towards the left.  All of the changes in movement in your hair create amazing VOLUME naturally.

I complete all of the back first, then move to the two sides.  I usually section off the hair for the front by using the ears as a guideline.  After you decide your part, you will do the same technique to the sides, alternating from flat iron to curling iron.  The only difference is that the hair that is at the very front framing the face should all be curled back and away from the face.  (I’m still putting product in at the roots as well.)

Once I’ve created the texture through all the hair with my hot tools, I like to add a little Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine to the palm of my hand (think about dime size) and warm it up between my two palms.  I then grab the ends like a ponytail and work that product throughout it, giving the perfect polish and texture to the ends.  If you are after the “dreamy fuzzy look” as well, give yourself a little rub down on your roots.  I like to keep my palm flat, and basically give myself a little head massage “noogie.”  That will create the FUZZZZZZZ.

Remember the basic rules of creating hair texture.  Smaller size tools will create smaller waves, and also smaller sections will create smaller waves.  Bigger tools/sections will create bigger waves.  You can be creative with these techniques.

Now that you’ve read my instructions, watch this video.  And meet Laura.  She is one of my best friends, and when you are my best friend you get to be my live doll too!  Haha, but we were hanging out at the house one day, and I was like, “I want to film your hair.”  (Thank you Laura for being a good sport!)  I will warn you I’m not a “pro filmer”, so yes the sleeves of my dress are a little big and I probably could have improved my camera angle, BUT it’s still great and I’ll get better at filming other people too!

Here is her before:


And here is the after:



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