Kevyn Aucoin Eye Pigment



I just went makeup shopping and this little eyeshadow pot caught my eye and had to come home with me.  It’s the Eye Pigment Primatif from Kevyn Aucoin.  I got the color called Titian.  It’s a cream eyeshadow that blends perfectly to a nice velvet texture that’s also smudge-proof.  Here’s the technical description:

Kevyn Aucoin’s Eye Pigment Primatif is a buildable and crease-free formula with a putty texture. Not only does it boast intense color and long-lasting wear, it also has elastomeric powders that have a blurring effect on wrinkles and fine lines. ‘Titian’ is a rich bronze shade with subtle hints of gold.


I loved the idea of this because if you know me by now- you know I’m all about fast, easy, and efficient.  Want to know the best news?  In all of these photos I only have one eyeshadow on- THIS ONE!  What I envisioned when I bought this, was that it could be something you throw in your bag and can quickly transform your look just using your fingers.  I only used my fingers on the upper lid to apply- one finger was dipped in the product, and I used a dry finger to blend.  A little goes a long way with this eyeshadow- so you don’t have to dip in it too deep.  It also dries and sets after a minute- so you want to start the application at the base of your eyelashes and blend upward and outward.  Like always, we want the most product and the darkest part of the eyeshadow at the base of the eyelashes, so that is why I always recommend starting there.  For the bottom lashes I just used a little cotton Q-tip.  One end I used to apply the shadow just under my lower eyelashes, and then flipped it to the dry side to smudge and blend.  A few coats of mascara on the top and bottom, and that’s it!



I also love this specific color- a nice bronze/burgundy/copper/gold…. (I see all of those flicks of colors, but bronze is the strongest)  In my opinion, this is the modern, chic version of a smokey eye.  I’m not too crazy to see a smokey eye in black or grey.  It’s too harsh and heavy, and should only be reserved for very special occasions or events.  I will say- if you are a makeup girl, this shadow is safe to wear for daytime.  It’s not too dark or distracting for the natural light.  If you want to add from there for night, pack a little brown/black eyeliner in your bag, and smudge some depth along your upper and lower lash line.  I’d recommend applying and blending with your fingers- for the most effortless and smudgy looking smokey eye.  If this eye makeup is too heavy for your day look, like I said earlier, pack it in your bag and throw it on for a perfect day to night look.


If you are not crazy for bronze, this eyeshadow also comes in three other colors- see the references below.  This eyeshadow will last you forever- I imagine it would probably dry out before you actually used the whole pot.  Like I said, a little goes a long way!  This whole collection and all of the colors within it get my stamp of approval and two thumbs up!  Enjoy, and have a great jump back into real life if you have been on break from the holidays!