I just got back from MEXICO!

You know what’s sad?  Sitting here thinking about the fact that a week ago I was in Mexico.  SO SAD!  I mean like a happy sad where I’m grateful for the fact that I was able to go to Mexico and see a new city that I’ve never been to before, but having a major wish I could go back FOMO right now.  Get ready for 100 pictures sprinkled in from my trip to Mexico within this post!


Anyways, I thought it would be a good time to connect with you guys about what’s been going on beyond just what lipstick I like lately….(though some of that will be coming soon too…)!  So what’s new?  I don’t know I guess not too much craziness, other than the fact that I’ve been crazy enough to not be writing to you guys here on this blog as much as I’d like to!  I miss you guys, and want to say sorry for not being as up on my A-Game as I had been.  I think this could probably be true for a lot of artists or creatives, right?  Sometimes you feel SO inspired that you can’t stop and have ideas flowing out of your body like crazy, and then there are other times where you head into self doubt, over thinking, wondering why you do what you do, questioning whether things are even interesting or relevant, and then cycling through that over and over again.  I guess lately I had been feeling the latter description.  The good news?  I have good friends and family around me to encourage me and make me realize that even when I get in my head, what I have to say and what I have to share is relevant and does inspire and make a difference for others (which is always my goal with having this site).  SO guess what? I’m back!


I love sharing my latest finds and recommends, with tutorials sprinkled throughout, so don’t give up on me!  Sometimes I think it is important if you are a creative to take a second and take a step back every once in a while to reflect and sort your head, so you can get back on track.  Also seeking things that can inspire you in a different ways always help to get your head back in the game or to think and look at things in a different way.  That’s what Mexico was for me.  I have some amazing friends that go down every year, and when I heard they were going I bought my plane ticket immediately.


I had never been to Mexico before, so I was super excited to experience what others had told me was one of the best little getaway spots.  We headed to Tulum for six days, and I can tell you that honestly I could have stayed longer.  It was one of those magical trips.  My days consisted of waking up around 7 am, walking down the beach to get an almond milk cappuccino, followed by a beautiful yoga class with ocean views and breeze, eating an amazing healthy breakfast, and then hitting the beach for the day.  Lunch was cruising to one of the beachside hotels and having fresh tacos, salads, chips and guacamole, and mescal margaritas, followed by more beach time hangs.  We swam in the sea, jumped waves, sun bathed, chit chatted, played beach volleyball, and relaxed.  Evenings were spent at various restaurants around town, and I can tell you that I never ate consistently that many amazing meals as I did in Tulum.  I honestly couldn’t believe it.  Every meal surprised and pleased me, and I couldn’t believe how many great restaurants were in such a small town.  I spent a lot of time walking (like 6-10 miles a day) and had a lot of time to think and reflect.  And also to actually not think and just kind of zone out and live in the moment.  It was truly heaven down there.  It’s crazy describing my trip because it doesn’t seem real but that’s what it really was.  Now you know why I am having post vacation blues!


I guess the point of me writing you today is to also remind you that it’s ok to take a step back every once in a while, and to also take time for yourself to help get you feeling re-inspired and creative again.  It’s hard no matter what you do in life not to put pressure on yourself and it’s ok to not be ok or to take a break sometimes.  ANYWAYS, sorry for my random blab, but hope there is something in this post that you can relate with or that speaks to you.


On a Tulum note: GO THERE!  It’s such a charming little town, with so many great places to stay and places to eat.  The beaches are beautiful, the water is warm, and the food is amazing.  And don’t forget to give yourself some self love, and to take time for yourself.  Looking forward to sharing some new things I’ve been working on, and feeling so grateful that you guys are here on this journey with me!  THANK YOU, and as always, sending SO much love!  Xx