JOICO Hair Shake

Everybody loves a party, especially when specialty cocktails, yummy snacks, donuts, and hair styling is involved, RIGHT?  Sounds like the perfect girl night!

I had the opportunity to attend Joico’s Hair Shake Launch Party last week, and it was nothing short of amazing.


Once I got my specialty cocktail (that was delicious by the way) and a few snacks in my tummy, it was on to the hairstyling.  Even though I come from a hair background, it’s always exciting to have someone else teach me a thing or two about hairstyling, and to get introduced to new products.  I was eager to see what Paul Norton and the Joico team had to show me!


I came to the party with my hair at it’s natural texture: flat and straight.  A lot of people don’t realize how straight my hair is actually, but it is because I am constantly adding texture to it with heat styling and products to look fuller and have movement.  That was so hard to show up to an event that way, but I was also excited to have someone else do my hair for once too!


Paul was using a 1″ curling iron and creating curls both backwards and forwards but always keeping the ends out for a more modern look.  My fringe was curled backwards, away from my face.  At this point I had no product in my hair: the magic was going to happen at the end.


Once he got all of the hair curled, it was time to add the Joico Hair Shake!  He shook the bottle (which is a liquid and sounds a lot like a spray paint can) and lightly misted it all over my hair.  He was lightly lifting sections of my hair and giving it a spray (to get it dispersed evenly, and to make sure to get to the underneath core of my hair).  I was super curious, especially because this product comes out as a liquid and then flash-dries down to a powder.  Super new and innovative!

IMG_1997IMG_1995The result: weightless texture, some grip, and lots of volume.  It honestly felt like someone just inserted twice the amount of hair on my head.  It was crazy, and I couldn’t stop touching it and playing with it.  You know the feeling when you put your fingers in your hair and give it a little fluff?  When you do that with this product in your hair, it moves just where you want it to go, and stays.  It’s an instant lift and boost, and gives some wicked texture.


I am constantly on the hunt for products that give my hair some life, so I am super excited about this new product.  My advice: start with less and then build.  I know how exciting it is to use product, but you definitely want to start off slow and add more.  That way you won’t add too much and be upset with it having too much grip.


All hair types can use this product.  You can use it on clean hair after a blow dry or a curling iron session for instant volume, or spray in day two for some added oomph and texture.  I also had some fun once I got home from the party and brushed my hair out to see what it would do, and it was amazing.  I still had a ton of volume in my hair, but it transformed into this big, loose waved bob.  I was also able to not wash my hair for 3 days afterwards, and it had amazing volume and texture everyday.


I give this product the hairdresser stamp of approval, and it is one I will definitely be using on myself, and also taking on my photoshoots.  It’s amazing.

Joico is running a contest from now until June 30th, and it’s a fun one!  All you have to do is upload a 15 second video of your version of a “Hair Shake Dance” to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  The winner will get a roundtrip 2 night VIP trip to Vegas for yourself and two of your friends.  It includes dinner, tickets to a show on the strip, and of course, a night of dancing.  Sounds pretty fun and easy to me, especially since this product will make you dance with joy!  Can’t wait to see your hair game get better with this and also your videos!  Just hashtag #HairDance so I can see it!  XOXO