The buzzing of scooters, the smell of cigarettes, a cafe on every corner, ciao’s and kisses, fresh produce, gelato everywhere, and the beautiful words….

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Yes, this must be Italy!  Here I am, back in one of my favorite places in the world, Milano.  It has been a few months since I’ve been back and I am so happy to be here.  It’s like time never stopped and nothing even changed, though so much can happen in three months!

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I am here just for a few weeks this month working and spending some time on holiday- a combination of both- and I couldn’t be happier.  I have so many friends here and so many good memories- so I’m very happy to be back.

It is interesting to reflect about my journey this past year- it actually was one year to the day that I stepped foot into Italy.  Little did I know at that time on my summer holiday that my whole world was going to change.

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The way that this country makes me feel gave me an undeniable feeling that I belonged here and that I needed to be back.  It was almost immediate when I came.  The fact that people in this country care so much about personal relationships with friends and family, take time to connect with people everyday, and really have figured out how to enjoy life really impressed me.  It is the little things out of life that they celebrate and take pride in- and I appreciate it so much!

I guess why I am writing this to you today is just to use it as an example of life.  You could think you have your life figured out and be going one direction- to suddenly have a situation that completely changes your course- if you keep your heart open to that.  That is exactly what happened to me.  If you would of asked me a year ago that I was going to leave LA to come to live in Italy… I would have laughed and told you that you were crazy.  But that’s exactly what happened to me.  Being here, meeting the people that I met, and having new opportunities come to me- it was an undeniable feeling that I needed to follow- and guess what- the universe supported me and helped me to make it happen.

I guess my theory as I’ve been getting older- is that life is too short- and you need to be willing to say yes and try things.  Not always will saying yes mean that it is where your life is going to go….but at least it will give you a clearer vision or answer to go on and try the next thing!  Everyone always tells me that they wish they could be as brave as me- but I don’t see it that way- everyone is brave and strong- you just have to be willing to try new things or to also not have it work out the way you thought- but be proud that you tried and take the positive that you learned from the situation.

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SO GO GET IT MY FRIENDS!  Maybe it’s just trying that new hobby that you’ve been wanting to try, or talking to that person that you are too afraid to talk to, or applying for that job that you’ve always wanted, or moving to that city you’ve been dreaming of, or starting to work on that business idea that you’ve had, or applying to that school you want to go to, or ending that relationship in your life that isn’t serving you.  Whatever it is- go for it!  There will only be great things and great lessons that you will take from it!  You just have to jump and do it!

Thank you to all of those sweet Italian people that make me smile everyday, and for all of my friends that I’ve met personally and never met but are apart of my life digitally- for making me do the things that I do and am moved to do everyday!  It brings me so much joy to share with you- and I hope that my words or what I can teach you about beauty, life, inspiration, and life experience can make you smile too!  XOXO