I’d like to introduce you to Vanessa!

I am so pleased to introduce you to a dear friend of mine and fellow beauty guru, Vanessa Lopez.  We have a special history, which started at the beauty counters of Nordstrom in Salt Lake City, Utah, back in 2004.  I was a young 19 year old with short platinum blonde hair, and nervous to start my career in the beauty business as a green makeup artist.  My first job in makeup was with Stila Cosmetics, and Vanessa was the expert that worked for Bobbi Brown.  We shared the same “bay” (which is what they were called way back when you had to ask for products and we stood behind a counter).  We instantly became friends, and kept in touch throughout the years.  I left Nordstrom to fully focus on my hair career, but was able to keep Vanessa around as I became her hairdresser, and I got to play with her SERIOUS thick head of hair.  I moved away from Utah years later, we lost touch, and randomly found each other on Instagram.  Ironically, she had also moved to Los Angeles, so we were able to re-unite!  Vanessa comes and works with me on photoshoots, and also has continued to stay in the beauty business, working with Chanel for years, and then working at Fred Segal where she was in touch with all of the cool niche beauty brands.  She is an incredible artist, has copious amounts of knowledge about products and brands, and is a joy to be around.  I am excited and honored to have her contributing to Hello To Beauty, and know that she will be able to bring a different perspective and knowledge to the content I am sharing with you guys.


Dear Friends,

I’m here to contribute to Hello to Beauty and share my inspiration, experience, and knowledge with you pertaining to beauty, trends, and lifestyle.  My preoccupation with all things relating to beauty is deeply rooted in art, culture, and a love for style and fashion.  This obsession has been with me for as long as I can remember.  I am a makeup artist working with various major beauty, skincare, and fragrance brands.  I believe in the connection between wellness and beauty- inner beauty is outer beauty.  I love to travel and explore other cultures, finding inspiration wherever I go especially in other art forms.  I love the way a certain color, texture, song, film, painting, object, person, photograph, memory, or scent can express an emotion which inspires me to create my own art.  To me the art of makeup is sensational and the perfect medium to convey my inspiration.  Through my reflections, I hope to inspire those of you who also share a love for beauty, art, and culture.

Truly, Vanessa