I was first introduced to Skin Inc this past fashion week in New York.  It was really fun this past season to go backstage and get the skinny on all the looks and trends coming, but also to be introduced to new lines I had known nothing about beforehand.  Skin Inc was one of those brands that I had casually seen before, but didn’t know anything about it or how it performed.


It was so interesting, because the models were getting their skin prepped like I had never seen before!  They were actually getting mini facials before the makeup and the runway.  What caught my eye first, was the Pure Revival Peel.  The esthetician put a thin layer of product all over the model’s face.  After it was on for just a few seconds, she started massaging the product into her skin in circular motions, and the actual dead keratin from her skin was forming into little balls all over her face!  Once she did this for about two minutes, she gently rinsed the skin, and there it was, a perfect fresh palette, ready for the rest of her skincare products and then makeup.

The Pure Revival is a non-abrasive peel that sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal bright, renewed skin.  The reason why it is important to treat your skin with something like this is that it actually preps your skin for all of the other products you are going to put on it.  Your skin can absorb all of the yummy ingredients from your other skincare products once that top layer is removed.  This is so important and a step that will change the game for you in your skincare routine.  It is recommended to do 2-3 times per week, and I usually do it in the evening before bed and before I apply some of my favorite masques…..which I’m going to tell you about next!


So of course after I saw the Skin Inc in action backstage, I had to stalk the brand immediately to get my paws on it!  Luckily they were kind enough to share with me, and I had to give it a try that night.  I was obsessed about it!  I used the Revival Peel that night, and then put the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Masque on and slept in it for the night.  I’m not kidding you right now: when I woke up the next morning and looked at my skin I was in utter shock.  My skin had never looked that glowy EVER!  Honestly, I would shock myself that day every time I would catch myself in the mirror!  I had forgotten about it, then saw the crazy GLOW my skin had, and became a cult fan from the first application.

So the Deepsea Hydrating Masque is a transparent gel mask that hydrates, clarifies, and brightens skin.  It contains contains nutrient-rich Okinawa deepsea water, soya bean extracts, and hyaluronic acid.  You can use this masque daily, or as an amazing treatment a few times a week.  I always sleep in mine, but if you are prepping for a night out or feel like your skin needs a little extra love, it’s great to leave on for 30 minutes as well.  I would recommend always using the peel beforehand, to really get the most bang for your buck with the masque.  Its also a great combo to take for a long plane ride!  They actually make the peel and masque in a little travel kit that is great to throw in your makeup bag, or is an AWESOME value if you want to try the brand out, but don’t want to fully commit to the bigger bottles.  (Just consider it dipping your toes instead of jumping in the pool, though I know you will be doing cannon balls after you try it!)


My other obsession masque that I just got it is the Get Glowin’ Brightening Masque. Side note: if you didn’t know, Skin Inc is actually all made in Japan.  It is without parabens or fragrances, and is completely customizable.  I wanted you to know that because I think the Asian women have a passion for skincare, and create amazing products.  Of course it is common in the Asian culture to have perfect porcelain skin, and that is exactly what this masque helps to deliver.  It  brightens your skintone, minimize the appearance of pores, and diminish the look of dark spots, age spots, and hyper-pigmentation.  This is a product that I would recommend keeping as a routine in your regimen.  Especially if you are starting to experience hyper pigmentation, have acne scars, or larger pores.  (I swear the second I turned 30 my skin congratulated me with sun spots!)  I would recommend using more frequently at first if you are trying to treat the spots, (maybe for 10-14 days) and then dropping down to 2-3 times a week.  You only need to keep this on for 10 minutes, but of course I end up keeping it on a little longer!

I could keep on going on and on about Skin Inc, but I also don’t want to overwhelm you so those are my top 3 favorites from the line that I am using and loving lately.  I never really got the importance of great exfoliators or masques until the recent year or two, and I really think it has been a game changer in my skincare regimen.  The good news (as I was looking on Sephora) is that with the holidays coming, Skin Inc has a lot of awesome sets coming out that end up being the best value.  I will have them all linked below so you can check them out!

I hope you are having an awesome weekend, and enjoy the little Sunday Skincare Tip!  (It’s the perfect day to treat yourself and give yourself a little mini at home facial!!)  XOXO