How’d you get those Lashes?

Why is it that every man in the world has long, thick, dark lashes?  Have you ever noticed that?  While we are busy buying every different type of mascara to promote length, volume, and fullness- the guys just walk around, doing nothing and fluttering their blessed lashes!

It’s safe to say that I have tried almost every mascara in the world- from the cheapest of the drugstores to the most expensive at the department stores.  I have a great obsession with wonderful eyelashes.  I was the teenager that slept with her eyelash curler under her pillow…..I naturally have very straight lashes and had to do everything in my power to get them to stay up.  (We won’t mention the time when I curled my lashes a little too much in the car on the way to school….then hit a bump in the road…)  Let’s just say I also got very talented in applying false lashes after that sad instance!  I also tried the eyelash extensions when that trend first came out….. I too, loved it.  (Until my eyes developed an allergy to the glue and I looked like I got punched in the eye!) The bottom line- I LOVE LASHES!

I’m here to tell you that there is a single product after all of my years of my trying everything that has changed my beauty life (but really!!)  It is an eyelash serum called Lilash.  I have never had something this significant from one single product.  Now- it doesn’t really matter what mascara I use, I don’t have to curl my lashes, and most of the time I don’t even need to wear mascara!  It is incredible.

Initially when I bought the serum I would use it daily- either morning or night on clean eyelids.  Now that my lashes are exactly where I’d like them to stay, I use it about every 2-3 days.  The actual product lasts forever- I get about 6 months of use out of one tube.  Something to remember- less is more.  You really only need the tiniest bit of product and it works beautifully.  I know when I first recieved the product I was going nuts with layering it on- that resulted in bloodshot eyes!  The only downfall is that my eyelids are a little bit pink from the serum- but nothing a little concealer or eyeshadow can’t fix- and I’d trade that for my beautiful lashes any day!!  Let me know what you think after trying this product- I can say with confidence- if you try this product- you will see a major difference.  I have through everyone that has started using it!  Enjoy! Xx