• May 01, 2016
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How to Fake A TAN……

Me: Queen of the fake tan.  Not like Snooky fake tan, but the pretty tan where people think I’ve been blissfully sitting at the beach drinking Sangria.  Why do tans make us feel so good?  It’s like the automatic mood lifter and quick diet fix!  Healthy, skinny glow: SIGN ME UP!

I did have my first experience with a pro spray tanning me, and that was really cool.  She set up her tent inside my place, I got butt naked in front of her, and she had me do all of these robotic poses to get the tan just perfect.  It was cool, she was amazing at what she does, and I ended up with a really nice tan!  Love that!  With that being said, I don’t always have time to schedule that in, nor do I always want to spend the money on it.  Sometimes I need a quick fix too!

My go-to for self tanning is the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze.  Have you ever tried this line?  It’s AMAZE!  I started using it last summer, and have been hooked ever since.  I specifically like using the serum, because it glides and blends into the skin with ease.  If I’m going for a tan, I do have to do a little prep.  I always do it at night before bed, so shower up before and exfoliate my skin really well.  I have found that dry exfoliating works great, so take a towel to the skin before the shower and give your self a good ol’ rub down.  I sometimes follow it up after the shower once my skin has softened a bit, if I feel like I still have some dry skin or old tan to get off.  Once I’m all smooth and exfoliated, I am ready for the serum.  I know it seems like a lot, but for the initial use I use about 10 pumps per each leg/butt, and 7 for the arms and shoulders.  Then the rest kind of fills in with a few pumps here and there.  Because it’s a serum, I feel like I’m able to get my whole body by myself.  I don’t know how, but I have even been able to bend my arms in weird ways to get my back!  Go me!  This absorbs into the skin really well- it doesn’t have that wet sticky feeling like most spray tans, so it’s easy to sleep in.  Make sure to immediately wash the hands really well after use, and don’t forget between the fingers and the little webs!  I have white sheets and have never had any staining in my bed after use.  It would be a miracle if a self tanner didn’t have a smell, this does, but trust me it’s really, really faint.  I am super sensitive to smell, so I have to say this one is great!


After you wake in the morning, it’s PRETTY TAN TIME!  The color is gorgeous, and looks super natural.  As a follow up I like to use two different lotions.

I’m also really into the L’Oréal Sublime Bronze Summer Express Wash Off Body Lotion.  Wow, what a name, right?!  Anyways, this is like a tinted body makeup.  It’s a nice matte finish, and gives an instant tan. A really pretty tan, I might add.  If I don’t have any self tanner on and am my natural white self, I usually mix the light lotion with the medium.  If I’m trying to look a little darker, I’ll go for the straight medium.  It moisturizes, doesn’t feel sticky, and is sweat resistant.  It doesn’t transfer onto clothes, and have found as long as I don’t scrub my body, it stays put even after a shower.  This is great for an instant tan on its own, or to follow up after your self tanner.  Especially if you have an oopsie and miss any spots!  I love how great body makeup is these days.  It’s such a relief to be able to put on a skirt or pair of shorts, and feel more confident with a tan!


I also keep in my arsenal the Jergens Tan Extending Moisturizer.  It helps maintain a real or fake tan.  It’s really important to keep your moisturizer up after a self tanner, or else you will start looking like a lizard, which isn’t the cutest look.  (Trust me it’s happened to me, and it’s not pretty!)  This has a very mild smell, and I love that it’s a pump application, because it’s quick and easy to use.  Sometimes I mix this with the L’Oréal body makeup if I want a light application and to help extend the tan at the same time.


I usually don’t put the self tanner on my face: by all means you can….I just usually fake that with a darker foundation and/or bronzer.  I like to have more control over that and sometimes get nervous about putting self tanner on my face.


I hope these tanning tips are helpful for you!  I just got my hands on some of the self tanning wipes from L’Oréal as well, so excited to give those a try.  Also just read that they have a self tanning aerosol spray for the hard to reach places like the middle of the back, which might be worth the investment if you aren’t super flexible!  I would encourage to fake it til you make it as much as you can, and that way you keep your skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays and those pesky wrinkles!  Xx