• October 02, 2015
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A frequent question I’ve been getting lately is how I color my hair.  I decided the best way of explaining it would be through a video.


It’s a little story about my hair journey so you can understand all of the elements of hair color and how it works.  I used to be a hairdresser in a salon so I understand hair color very well, and up until the past 8 months I had been doing it on my own.  Now I leave my hair in another experts hands, especially when dealing with going lighter and trying to have the healthiest, most natural appearance.


I also wanted to make this video so you would be able to know key words and phrases to say when going to your hairdresser, or even easier send them a link to this blog post and it will all make sense to them!

A big HUG and shout out to my colorist in Los Angeles, Nina Kairouz, who has made my hair what it is today.  (Trust me, in the beginning she had her work cut out for her!)  I also get my haircut with Dominick Serna, and he is the one that originally cut it off into my bob.  (Shame on me I have been cutting it myself this summer!)


I hope this video is useful for you, and thanks for all the sweet comments on how my hair inspires you!  It means the world to me!