How do you wear your Hanky?

In between all of the Fashion Week madness I was able to do a quick photoshoot with the Italian brand, Ferrucci Milano. Originally it was made as an Italian men’s luxury accessory- but now used for both men and women. It’s the perfect way to accessorize and add individuality to any outfit or look.

The look for this photoshoot- The Wild Wild West! Calling all Cowboys and Bandits…this one is for you!

photo 1

What’s the best part of my job? Taking a brands ideas or images- putting my spin on it, and coming up with some great images that evoke the feeling we were going after. I’d say it was a success! It doesn’t hurt that we had such fantastic models to work with!

photo 5

So what was my inspiration for this look? Glowing- almost wet looking skin, a terra-cotta eye, barely there mascara, and a pinch of peach on the cheeks and lips. AND we can’t forget the textured brow! I didn’t have to use foundation on this 18 year old beauty- but I did use one of my favorite products- the Stila Cosmetics One Step Correcting Serum. This product works on everyone- and is a great base to take away any redness or discoloration. For some- you may not even need a foundation- or for others, it’s a great primer. I used Aquaphor to highlight her cheeks, and the color on her cheeks was a mix of Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer in #6, with YSL’s Kiss and Blush in #12. I mixed the two together, tapped them onto the apples of her cheeks, and let the color really sink in. I also tapped this onto her lips to give a natural, bitten look. The eyeshadow was from a matte palette I have from Stila Cosmetics. The palette is called Into the Know, and the eyeshadow is called Fire.

photo 4

Lastly, a little color + texture on the eyebrow- using Senna cosmetics Sketch a Brow to slightly fill in sparse parts of the brows, and then brushed them up using Benefit Gimme Brow.

For the hair, I wanted to see a fuzzy, natural texture. I achieved this look by adding R+Co’s Mannequin Styling Paste on dry hair. I had my model flip her head over and I ran the product through from roots to ends. Then it was a lot of rubbing the hair in-between my hands and fingers to give a nice fuzzy texture. With the hair we played with it in a few simple hairstyles- and one of the crowd favorites- wrapping the handkerchief around the top knot. You can refer to my top knot tutorials to see how to do it!


VIOLA! That was how it was done- and so much fun. It brings me so much joy to be creative, and create a vibe for a brand. Until next time….. XOXO

photo 2