Holiday Hair Inspo

It’s officially the holidays, which is always an exciting time of year!  So much hustle and bustle, and lots of events and activities to attend.  I’m always perplexed with what to wear, how to do my makeup, and how to style my hair.  Thank goodness for Pinterest, where you can search, scroll, and pin for hours!  Sometimes I laugh when I look at my boards and see what I’ve pinned, and then realize that I was really into a certain style or look at the moment.  SO if you want to know what I’m into right now, scroll below!  I love the idea of loose, undone updo’s (which at this point I don’t even want to call them that….) how about we call them undo’s.  I like that.  UNDO’s.  Texture in the hair, imperfections, and pulling it into loose ponytails, clips, or whatever your creative heart desires.  The key: the less you try the better it will look.  I always like to use the reference of how your hair looks when you are cleaning your house.  It’s always cute right?  It’s because you aren’t trying to make it cute.  Remember that when you are doing your hair.  The bottom line is that all of these styles are perfect for going to events or parties…’s like giving a little effort, but looking #effortlessCHIC while you’re at it.  Clips and hair accessories are pretty easy to find right now, or save your ribbon from your gifts and tie it into your hair!  Happy Holidays, and hope these looks inspire you as much as they inspire me!  XO  Scroll down to the bottom and check out the pins I found online as well!

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