• December 08, 2015
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Holiday Gift Idea: LASH SERUM

It’s the most wonderful time…..of the year!  It’s true, I love the holidays.  I love giving gifts.  I actually love giving gifts throughout all the year, but especially during Christmas.  Picking the perfect wrapping paper, meeting up for a party or a gift exchange, or just surprising someone and making their day.  It’s. The. Best.

I think what make the BEST gifts during the holidays are thinking of things that people may want or lust over, but don’t necessarily want to spend their own money on.  That always makes the best present!  This is the question that always runs through my mind when I’m brainstorming during the holidays.

I was brainstorming over the weekend, thinking of great gifts, and wanted to share some ideas with you guys over the next couple of days.  (Trying to give you enough time to prepare before December 24th!)  If you were my mom, you’d have your Christmas shopping done by August!  She is the most prepared person I know!

Ok anyways, so first thing that came to my mind: LASH SERUM!  Why?  It’s one of those beauty products you don’t necessarily NEED, but it’s such a LUXURY to have!  You feel me?  I’ve talked a lot about eyelashes and serums in the past, and you can read more specifically HERE.  It gives you all the info about eyelash serums, and also my past experiences with lash extensions and my feelings about them.

I’ve tried a few lash serums over the past 6 years, and wanted to highlight some of my favorites.


Li Lash:  I’ve written more about it HERE! Out of all the lash serums, I’ve used this one the longest.  I will use it, run out of it, and then buy it again.  I usually try other products in between because this one honestly works the best for me, but I get a slight redness on my eyelids from using it.  I always try to search for other serums that work as well without the irritation, but always seem to come back to this one.  I’ve recommended this to countless friends and family, and have seen amazing results on all of them.  GREAT product!


Talika:  I’ve written more about this HERE!  I think this serum is a little more gentle than the Li Lash, and I had no irritation on my eyes when using this.  It also has other benefits: it darkens your natural lashes, and CURLS them.  Amazing right?  I love this applicator.  A little easier to put on, and you can also dust it along your actual eyelashes.  Talika is one of the original lash serums, discovered back in the late 40’s.


Neu Lash: I’ve also written about this serum HERE!  I saw immediate results when using this lash serum.  Like not kidding after a week.  This serum is awesome, and easily accessible too.  I didn’t experience any irritation on my eyelids, which is a bonus, and had great results.  They also make a product called Neu Brow, which is amazing if you are trying to fill in or grow out your eyebrows.


Hydro Peptide:  Ok, so I haven’t written about this one yet, and actually just got it, so I can’t give major reviews as of yet.  I did want to include it however, because I have heard amazing things about this product!  If you have used it, leave me a comment below with your experience!  We’d all love to know!


I hope these give you some inspo for some awesome gift giving ideas.  Or perhaps a gift for yourself?  I am a HUGE fan of lash serums, and have seen amazing results, so I would totally recommend trying them out if you haven’t already.  Also if you are confused on what one to buy, take my recommends and get one of the ones listed above.  One product not mentioned above is Babe Lash.  One of my best friends uses it and her lashes are amazing.  I tried it one day but was a dummy and put it on before boxing, then sweated my head off, the sweat dripped into my eyes, and I totally had red eyes for the rest of the day.  SO, if you use any of these serums be careful to not let it get in your eyes!!

I hope you all are enjoying your weeks leading up to Christmas, and stay tuned for more gift giving ideas!  PS:  I have everything linked so that it makes shopping easy for you.  Click on the product name, or the picture below!  XOXO