HELLO + A few of my Favorite things….

Hellooooooo, welcome back to real life!  It feels like it’s been forever since I have been able to have a minute to sit down and write!  I’m back in action, here in LA, and so happy to be home.  Don’t get me wrong, Fashion Month was amazing, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to travel, but nothing is as good as your own home in your favorite city.  (Everytime I leave LA for a while and come back, I’m reminded HOW AMAZING the light is here….I’m a weirdo but light really affects me and my mood, and it is the BEST here!)  So what do I do when I come back?  Take a selfie…LOL!


It’s funny to reflect on the month and how much can go on.  I went from the FREEZING unbearable temperatures in New York, to budding springtime in Milan, and unexpected SUNNY and beautiful Paris.  From Whole Foods (my favorite store ever) everyday in New York, to Buffalo Mozzarella on repeat in Milan, to all you can eat baguettes and pastries in Paris….LOL now you know why I did a three day superfood cleanse the second I got back to LA….!  Each city is magic and I adore each for different reasons, and some of my favorite memories are just simply walking around.  I love to be able to get a real feel for the city: the people you hear as you are walking, the unexpected stores and monuments you see along the way, and the unique fashion of the people on the streets.  If I have the time and energy, you will always see me choosing to walk over a cab, metro, or car….it’s the BEST!  (And a great little workout too!)


I also was looking back on all of the looks we did on Chiara Ferragni (of theblondesalad.com) and it’s amazing how many outfits and looks were achieved over the total month.  You can see all of New York, Milan, and Paris, by simply clicking on the city linked!  The best part for me was completely being able to do my job and do exactly what I felt for each mood and outfit she was wearing.  Nothing is more satisfying as a makeup and hairstylist then having your client (and best friend) for that matter completely trust you and let you do your art.  The fashion really spoke for each outfit she wore, so we liked to keep it remotely clean, beautiful, and simple with each hair and makeup look.  We added our twist or signature here and there, but really, when you do the job I do, it’s all about creating cohesion for the total look.


The best part about traveling is finding new things along the way that you love, and adding them into your arsenal of beauty products.  Doing what I do, I’m always introduced to new products to try out and explore….and I LOVE IT because I get to share them all with YOU!  Let me do the testing and then tell you the best of the best!  This next week or so I will be sharing with you some of my faves from the last month.  Some are new products I picked up, and some are oldies but goodies that I can’t get enough of.  I didn’t want to overwhelm you with one huge post talking about a million products….I’d rather give you bites of the cake instead of the whole cake at once so you can really enjoy it!


I really am excited to share with you, and hope you are too!  Look for new product info and fashion week faves, some travel diaries, and lots of fun!  Also, let me know if there were any hair or makeup looks you loved on Chiara….maybe I can give a little tutorial on how to achieve a similar look!  XOXO