Goal Setting 101


I am a huge New Year’s fan because I am the biggest goal setter in the world.  I am daily/weekly making goals, so of course the symbol of a New Year always gets me in an excited mode.  What is it about the New Year that makes us want change?  I have to admit- I typically celebrate my New Year in September (my favorite month of the year) but I do another inventory as we wrap up December and start into January.  It’s funny how you can look at social media and the internet and see so many terms- “New Year, New YOU!”  But here I am- feeling that feeling and doing the same.  Of course, I’m all about goals, motivation, and inspiration- so I’m ok with jumping on the New Year’s ban wagon.  Why not, every little bit helps, right?  As long as it’s postive and moving you towards more joy and success in your life.  I love having goals to remind myself what I am trying to achieve and also as a memory of what I was working on in that moment.

How to set GOALS: what works for me….

I think the first step is to take the time to prepare to goal set.  Carve out an hour of your day, where you can be alone without distraction.  I like to make sure my space that I am brainstorming from is clean, and free of distraction.  If my life is messy, it makes it hard to feel peace and calm to set new goals.  Light a candle, play some nice music that makes you happy, and above all- get rid of technology distractions.  This is YOUR time- and you want to make the most of it.

Pull out some paper- yes, the OLD FASHIONED way!  Write down your categories that you want to have goals in, and write that category on the top of the paper.  This keeps me organized and free from confusion.  Here’s some examples of categories that work for me.






These are my personal categories, but for you they may be different.  You can make them specific for your life and lifestyle, but I think it’s important to have categories so that you can keep your thoughts organized.


Next, SIT and THINK!  This is the funnest and hardest part.  Sometimes I go one paper at a time- (category by category), or freestyle and I jump around.  It doesn’t matter how your brain works- as soon as you have the goal, write it down on the appropriate paper.

It’s funny for me that year by year my lists change.  Sometimes I have a lot under one category and hardly nothing on another- and then the next year it’s completely switched!  It really is just dependent on what is going on with my life at the time of the goal setting!

You can also decide what you want your goals timeline to be.  May I make a suggestion that your New Years Goals  be the ones that you set for the whole year- goals of where you want to be a year from now.  Because of the goal enthusiast I am- I sub-goal-set either by the week or by the month.  Most of the little goals are set to help me get closer to the big goals.

Remember, no goal is stupid no matter how big or small it is.  They are just ways to put your dreams and desires into writing, and ultimately to help you progress towards something bigger that means something to you personally.  Of course, some can be simple, easy goals- for example- putting my shoes away every night- or trying to connect with a friend at least twice a week for a phone call or coffee. Then there are my big goals and dreams like inspiring and teaching others how to be the best and most beautiful versions of themselves, and being able to continue working in a job that I am passionate and talented in- and be successful at it in the meantime.  My goals list goes on and on….but I’ll keep those to myself….for now!

To finish the goal setting process , you need to put them in a place that you will see daily.  I hang mine somewhere where I can easily see them everyday- usually in my kitchen so I can look at them every morning while making my morning coffee.  My challenge to you is to write your goals down- even if it’s not the New Year!  Why not?  It doesn’t mean you are a loser if you don’t reach your goal, but it’s always imperative to have a goal in your head, as a reminder everyday of why you are living and what you are trying to achieve.  Sometimes I will write down small goals that only last for one week- but even the little things that help me to reach the big things matter, and it feels so good to put that check mark next to the little goal on my list.


I hope you have truly enjoyed your holiday and feel rested, fresh, and excited to start a new year.  I also want to thank you for following me and my journey through this blog.  It has been a personal journey for me- full of joy, love, frustration, stress, opportunity, growth, and fun!  Above all- hearing from you- and knowing that I have somehow inspired you, made you smile, made you feel more beautiful, or taught you something that you didn’t know truly means the world to me.  I’m so excited for what 2015 has in store for all of us, and I can’t wait to share and teach you along the way!  CHEERS!  XOXO