Glowing with VINIQ

I know I always talk a lot about how much I love GLOW.  One of my favorite makeup looks is glowing skin.  It’s always highly requested because it brings youth and beauty to anyone.  Adding glow to everyone that I touch brings me such joy and satisfaction!  Clearly I love outer glow, but do you know what I love even more?  INNER GLOW!  This is so important to me and something that I always am trying to work on personally and encourage to all that are around me.  I love the old saying, “Beauty starts from within”, and how true is that?


How do I like to practice and work on my inner glow?  I want to share a few tips that work really well for me.

  • Wake up early to meditate before you have to start your day.  Meditation will be different for everyone, but I think as long as you are consciously taking the time to sit and think without distraction, it’s a great form of meditation.  I love taking time in the morning to plan my day, set goals, think, and enjoy the quiet before the daily hustle begins.  Try it, it makes such a difference to set the tone in your day when your not in a rush!
  • Use positive affirmations.  I have different sets of positive thoughts and quote card decks, and they are such a great way to give yourself positive reminders and encouragement.  I try to pull a card everyday, and I refer back to it throughout the day.  It’s amazing how much positive thoughts and thinking can really shift your energy and outlook on different situations!
  • Find a way to move your body!  Exercise truly helps to ignite some glow from within!  I really feel like it’s the times I’m able to release stress, fear, doubt, or anger.  I also creatively get a lot of really great ideas while working out!  Not only does it truly help the heart and mind, it also makes you feel all sorts of glows when your body starts to positively change!
  • Find a friend that you can share your GLOW moments with.  This has been HUGE for me.  I have a best friend that is my glow partner.  We share the highlights of our day, our goals, our struggles, and are always there to cheer each other on and be each other’s number one fan.  Having this not only helps you to celebrate all the victories along the way, it also helps to keep you on track and motivate you for future victories.  Sometimes we can be so conservative and forget to acknowledge our greatness.  You need to recognize yourself and realize how special you are.  Your glow partner will help you in this process.


As you guys know, I am a member of the #ViniqSquad.  I thought it would be so much fun to have myself a little GLOW Happy Hour with my bestie and GLOW partner.  Perfect right?  Me and my themed personality was so excited to start a tradition and make a special GLOW Cocktail to go along with our little Glow Party.  Nothing better, right?!  I love it because it makes it even more exciting to get together and make our glow session special.  Here’s what I made!

Glow Gin and Tonic

o   3 oz. Viniq Glow®

o   1 oz. New Amsterdam Gin

o   2 oz. Tonic


o   Build ingredients in glass over ice

Glassware: Collins glass

Garnish: Lime wheel


Light, refreshing, and simple to make.  What I love with Viniq is that you don’t have to complicate your cocktail recipes, and you get a pretty and delicious taste every time!  This is a new member to the Viniq family, called GLOW, (of course!)  Its ingredients are: Premium Vodka, Moscato, and Natural Peach Flavor.  It just launched across the nation, so check out your local retailers to get yourself a little GLOW!  You can also go to to check out videos from empowered women sharing how they shimmer, along with inspiring images, and a lot of new cocktail recipes. lets you show your shimmer by sharing Viniq recipes, videos, selfies, pics from Viniq Parties and more.  Upload a photo, add the #bringtheshimmer hashtag, and share your favorite VINIQ moments!  Let’s bring the shimmer and GLOW together!


I hope you guys like my GLOWING tips, and maybe you can start to incorporate some of these tips into your routine too!  It has helped me so much to stay centered, and I feel like it’s also helped me to achieve a lot of goals.  There is nothing more fun than making a tradition and a party out of it, and I’m excited that Viniq has the perfect accessory to my Glow Party.  Xx