Give your Hair the NUTRIENCE it needs…

If you remember a while back I talked about the conditioner that brought my hair back to life after a lot of dates with my special friend called BLEACH!  My hair was not in the best condition after repeat processes of going lighter and lighter.  I luckily knew what I needed to do to get it back to optimum health, and I wanted to share that with you so you could have the best version of your own hair!


If you want to find out more about the conditioner, check out this article!  Yes, it is the brand that I believe really specializes in optimum health of the hair: KERASTASE!  What I love about this brand is that they really can treat your hair for whatever condition it is in.  Dry, damaged, broken, dull, thin, loss of volume: you name it, and they have a solution.  If you haven’t been to their website, I would encourage you to check it out.  They do a whole diagnostic with you to see what exactly your hair needs.


Two products that I keep on my vanity and use every time I wash my hair are from the thermique line.  They are basically products that you put in your wet hair before a blow dry (or air dry).  Especially after I was lightening my hair a lot, these were products that quickly brought my hair back to health and back to life.  I switch between the two, because one was focused more on strengthening, and one was focused more on moisturizing.  I personally think your hair needs both, and would be best to alternate between the two.  That way you don’t over do it on one, and give your hair the perfect balance.  Here they are!


Nectar Thermique:

  • 85% LESS BREAKAGE from Blowdry
  • Nourishes the hair fiber
  • Smooths away dull and rough hair surfaces for an intense shine
  • Excellent leave-in care
  • Iris Rhizome Extract protects against dryness-inducing oxidation
  • Royal Jelly replenishes dry hair on the surface
  • Envelops the surface for intense smoothness and shine

Ciment Thermique:

  • 85% LESS BREAKAGE from Blowdry
  • Strengthens and fortifies the hair fiber
  • Smooths away cracks and split ends while adding shine
  • Excellent leave-in care
  • Vita-Ciment strengthens fiber from inside
  • Vita-Topseal recreates external protective layer


I truly believe these products have brought my hair back to life and made it strong, healthy, and shiny.  My hairdresser is amazed at how healthy my hair is, and who doesn’t like to hear that!  Speaking of hairdresser, I want to give you a little bonus video today!  I get my hair done at Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills by two very talented hairdressers.  I go to Nina for my color, and Dom for my haircuts.  Dom and I decided to film the other day when I was getting my haircut, to show how he styles my hair.  I apologize that the quality of the video isn’t top notch  HD, but hopefully you can still get a little secret peek of the magic of how he does it.  The curling iron size is 1″1/4.  Notice at the end he has me put my head back and shakes it out, then I flip my head forward and he sprays a sea salt spray around the roots and ends, and then adds a light pomade in the ends to make it textured messy.  Xx