• September 12, 2014
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Now that I’m out of the perfect sunny and 70 degree LA weather, I am really feeling the fall vibe.  September is definitely my favorite month of the year so I’m so excited I was able to kick it off in NYC!
photo 2
When we transition into fall, we have to shift our makeup a bit, and one way we can do that is incorporating more of a lip color back into our makeup wardrobe.  I’m a long wear/lip stain girl all the way, so I’m always looking for products that will deliver great effects with very LOW maintenance.

I wanted to make this quick lip application tutorial because I think on the top of every woman’s beauty list is how to make their lips appear fuller.  This technique is what I use to make them look fuller- and the beauty is- I only had to use ONE product!  Yeah!!!!!!

I’ll let the video do all of the explaining- but I will tell you a few of my favorite lip products if you are looking for LONG WEAR.

Featured in this video is the Opaque Rouge from Hourglass– which are some of my favorite lip products to date.  I would say with this product you really need to work it into your lips so that they absorb the color- otherwise you may experience some texture on your lips later in the day after wearing for a few hours.

I also LOVE LOVE the Lip Maestro products from Giorgio Armani– they have more of a velvet texture than the Hourglass- and I can guarantee one tube of this would last you at least one year or more.  A little bit of this product goes a long way!

There are also great long wear lip glosses out there right now and some of my favorites are from YSL.  They have the Rebel Nudes as well as the regular Glossy Stains– and they deliver long wear plus a glossing effect if that is the finish you are after.

Lastly- the Revlon Color Burst Matte Lip Balm is one of my top 3 favorite lip products.  I always go back to the Revlon lips- they are some of the best and I’ve been using them for years.  I love the matte balms for fall because it seems like the right moment to use them- looking a little more lived in and not so shiny or glossy like you would in spring or summer.

photo 5

Keep in mind that in watching this technique video- you can sub any color or brand that suits you and your makeup look and budget.  I chose a richer color because I love wearing color on my lips- but you can still do this with a very light or nude color as well!  No matter what you chose, the application will always remain the same!

I hope you are enjoying your fall as much as I am- I feel very blessed- next stop, getting on a plane tonight to go to Milano, then lastly Paris!  I can’t wait to share my journey with you and thanks for joining me!  XOXO Nikki