Feathered WINGED Eyeliner

Can I get a BLEND, and can I get some DEFINITION all at the same time?  Why YES, yes, yes you can!  Sometimes I do things in my daily routine and then realize, WOW, this might be a good one to share!  That’s where this video inspo came from.


Two things:  I don’t know about you, but the felt tip, liquid eyeliners SCARE ME!  Yes I’m intimidated by them too, and I’m never happy with the result of how they look if I use them on their own.  I also esthetically don’t really LOVE the look of a really hard eyeliner.  Don’t get me wrong… I like to make the eyes stand out with some definition, but I think it’s more chic to be a little more blended and soft.


Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get the perfect winged cat eye.  Every. Single. Time.  No joke.  By layering and blending a pencil first, and then going over the top with a felt tip eyeliner, it is SO EASY and fast, and looks amazing!  Think of it like tracing and blending your outline first, and then defining and making it stronger with the second step.  The perfect storm, and the perfect layer!


I used two new eyeliners in this video that I’m crazy about!  I discovered the Loreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner on one of my random drugstore shopping days.  I love me a Kajal pencil, so I was eager to try this one.  I love that the texture is almost “dry” so it doesn’t make a mess all over your eyelids when you blend it.  I usually use my fingers, or a dry small detail eyeliner brush to smudge it all in, like this one from Tweezerman.  The definition comes from a new eyeliner to me from Tarte.  It’s a limited edition called Lights, Camera, Lashes Precision Longwear Liner.  It’s the perfect felt eyeliner tip.  It’s more on the firm side, so it gives you more control and precision.  It’s a limited edition because it is in the color BROWN, which I also love because it’s a little softer for summer.  I think it’s the best way to have some definition to the eyes, but not having the harshness of a black eyeliner.


I just recently got a new mascara that I’m OBSESSED WITH!  It’s new from Stila, and just launched this week!  It’s called Stila HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara, and it’s amazing.  It lifts, defines, makes the lashes fuller, and longer.  It also is buildable, so you can definitely get a lot with one coat, but if you want to add more, it really makes your lashes bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER!  Also if you have trouble keeping your eyelashes perky and curled, you won’t run into droopy lashes with this mascara.  It holds them up and keeps them in place.  PRO TIP:  like most mascaras I use, make sure to scrape a little bit of the mascara from the wand into the tube before using.  You don’t need that much mascara on the brush.

I hope you love this look, it’s one of my favorites for eyeliner, and honestly how I do my eye makeup almost everyday.  I also hope it took out the fear of using a felt tip eyeliner by doing the blending step first.  It creates a great stencil so you don’t end up messing up, and the blending layer first also creates a buffer.  Of course you can do it with any color, but for sure try brown for summer!  SO PRETTY!  I hope you are enjoying your summer, and I’ll see you soon! Xx