Feathered BROWS Tutorial

Brow update!  Here is the latest trend in Eyebrows: the feathered brow.  In LA, the term has been all the craze, especially coming from a very popular brow artist, Kristie Streicher. She describes it as a natural brow, with a soft, angled arch.


I personally haven’t sat in Kristie’s chair, but was able to see the action when I accompanied a friend that was getting her brows done by Kristie.  This look is very natural, minimal, and not “perfect”.  In keeping with this trend, I wanted to do a quick video tutorial showing how to fill in the brows.


The focus is more on the lower part of the brow, where I personally have some gaps since I am trying to let mine grow in a bit.  I used a brow pencil from Stila Cosmetics.  I also really love Senna Cosmetics and Urban Decay’s brow pencils.


The other key to this look is Brow Gel.  It’s what gives the texture to the brows, and combs them into place.  Kristie mentioned to me that she loves the gel from Mary Kay, and I’m still on my Maybelline Brow Drama kick.  Those two brands really hold, so if you struggle with keeping them up, I’d suggest these two brands.

You can see the technique in the video, and see how simple it is!  What are your favorite brow pencils or gels?  Let me know! Xx