Fave Five Muted Pink Lipsticks: Pinky Nudes

When I first created this video, I called the lipsticks pinky nudes. Then when I started to really look at my swatched hand, I decided the “technical” people out there might call me out and say these colors aren’t TRUE NUDES!

So, in Nikki’s world, these are my version of pinky nudes! As you know, you can usually catch me at anytime with a pop of color on my lips. I guess it’s how I feel my best! Lately I’ve been experimenting with a little less “poppy” lips. I realized there are some beautiful non-bright colors out there, and you need to know about them.
I pulled together my favorite five, because lets be honest…..there are probably 100 great pinky-nude lipsticks out there, but we can’t be bothered trying to own them all!
Here we have a range of matte, satin, long wear, and semi-glossy colors to choose from. All you really need!

These fall under the category of more of a rose/pink undertone, and coming soon will be the same but with more of a peach undertone.
What are your favorites? I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours….sharing is caring! I hope you have the best Monday, and I’ll see you really soon;) !