Fashion Week Haircare: Packing List!


Hello from New York!  I am currently sitting in my bed, drinking my coffee before another full day of popping into events, presentations, backstage, and parties……but I couldn’t leave my house without giving you the second video of my three part series for Fashion Week….HAIRCARE!  I hope you enjoyed my last video, where you got some insight into what makeup I was packing for this trip!  If you haven’t seen it yet, you can GO HERE!


It has been so much fun and so inspiring to be able to go backstage to some of the shows (and honestly my favorite part about Fashion Week), especially because I love to get new inspiration to share and teach to all of you!  Yesterday I went backstage to Ryan Roche, and it was so dreamy and beautiful.  I have been giving the play-by-play on Snapchat, so if you haven’t added me yet, make sure you do!  My name is nikki_deroest!


Anyways, back to the video!  This is covering some of the styling products and tools I packed for this trip.  It’s a mixture of things I would use for a healthy blowout, achieving volume in the hair, giving the hair some workable texture to style, and some necessary finishing products.  I also featured some of my favorite tools that I have in my kit for every type of styling: from irons, to brushes, to my blowdryer!


Chiara arrives tonight, so we will be starting out 5 days together tomorrow, so make sure to check out what we are up to and I can’t wait to start creating!  I linked all of the products below that I talked about in the video, so hopefully that will be helpful for you and faster than doing the search online yourself!


Thanks again for all the love from you guys in the comments, and on my different social channels.  It’s so nice to hear from you and it gives me a little encouragement to know you guys are liking what I’m up to!  I need feedback, otherwise I feel like it’s a big guessing game to know what to share with you……so keep it coming!  Until the next video, which will be skincare….thanks for coming along this journey with me.  Now I have to run, I am going to another backstage to report for Rebecca Minkoff!  XOXO