• December 22, 2015
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Ok yes I realize Christmas is in three days and you are probably productive and finished your Christmas shopping…….right?!  BUT if you haven’t, here’s the deal.  Getting someone a face masque is one of the best presents you can buy!  Why?  Well it’s quite simple.  It’s a luxury to have.  That’s how I always decide what the best gifts are to give.  If it’s something you want, but don’t necessarily need, then its going to be the best gift!

I have to tell you, this year I’ve really amped up my face masque game, and I truly have seen a huge shift in my skin.  It’s the final touch of getting the hydration, tightness, glow, and brightness you’ve been trying to achieve.  I’m sure I’ve probably talked about all of these masques at some point between the blog or my snapchat, but I want to give you a quick re-cap.  (Side note: I talk SO much more about products on snapchat, so if you want to see the day to day of what I’m loving or what I’m using on photoshoots, FIND ME!) My snapchat name is: nikki_deroest.  Ok so back to the masques…..I chose my top 5 of the moment.  Here we go!


I wrote about this in the past and am just as obsessed about it now as I was back then!  In fact, it’s on my face right now!  It’s a gel based masque, formulated to reduce acne breakouts and minimize the signs of aging.  It stimulates the skin and collagen production, which helps with tightness and firmness.  I use this masque at least once a week, and it’s amazing if you feel like your skin is looking dull, sallow, or has had some breakouts!  You can find it HERE!


I’ve also written about these little gems in the past.  I started using these during Fall Fashion Week and now have incorporated them in my weekly routine.  I sleep in both of these (of course on different nights) and I wake up looking like a million bucks!  The deepsea mask is a gel mask that hydrates, clarifies, and brightens the skin, all in a single step.  It contains Okinawa deepsea water, Soybean extract, and Hyaluronic Acid.  (OH YEAH!)  This is an awesome mask to take and use on the airplane because it’s translucent so you can treat your skin without anybody knowing!!  The get glowing mask can brighten your skin in just ten minutes.  It helps diminish the look of age spots and hyper-pigmentation, and minimizes the appearance of pores.  I love both of these so much, and love having them in my skin care rotation.  PS: look how awesome these gift/travel sets are for the holidays.  It’s a perfect way to get introduced to the line at an awesome price! (Get Perfect) (Get Glowin’)


This little gem of a mask by Peter Thomas Roth is one that I use on it’s own, or as a layering masque.  Sometimes I will do the eight greens masque, rinse it off, and then follow up with this masque.  It’s DOUBLE TROUBLE!  If you love roses, you will die for this masque.  It’s a another gel based masque and it truly feels so refreshing to keep chilled in the refrigerator.  It helps stimulate cell turnover for younger looking skin.  It helps repair the signs of aging, including the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, dullness, and sagging, as it strengthens and tones the look of the skin.  This one is amazing!


I just picked this masque up at my last facial in a spa.  It’s like no other masque I currently own.  It’s a mud mask, so it actually hardens.  PS: it’s also the most inexpensive out of the masques I’m reviewing.  Only $22!  If you have red, sensitive, blotchy, even oily skin – this is the one.  It’s especially great for Rosacea.  This instantly refreshing mask imparts over 12 potent nutrients that purify congested skin & improve oxygen, temporarily reducing the look of pores, broken capillaries & wrinkles.  It tingles when you put it on, and the pumpkin enzymes clean deep.  You will get flushed when you use this masque, but I love it because I can also feel it working.


If you really want to get your beauty sleep, then look no further.  This Erno Laszlo hydra-therapy sleep masque will do the trick.  This is truly a weightless mask—powered by 24-hour smart hydrators.  It delivers moisture and vital nutrients overnight. It improves visible signs of aging and restores youthful bounce and elasticity overnight.  This product truly melts into the skin, and you wake up feeling refreshed and ultra hydrated.  I love using this when I feel like my face needs a BIG drink of water.

Ok my darlings, that’s the skinny on my top favorite 5 masques of 2015.  It’s safe to say it since we are almost finished with this year.  I would highly recommend any or all of these masques, and I know they will amp up your skincare regimen and be game changers for you.  I never really understood masques until this year, and now am so glad I have added them into my routine.  Share if you have any favorite masques, I am obsessed and always on the lookout for other amazing products.

I am getting ready to hit the road to Italy today, so I hope you enjoy hearing from me from over there, and of course I will be documenting my trip along the way via Instagram and Snapchat.  My mom and dad are coming, and this will be a special trip because they have never been to Europe before!  I’m so excited to see it through their eyes!  I hope you are having the best holiday, and I WISH YOU SUCH A MERRY CHRISTMAS!  XOXO