Happy Monday!

I haven’t posted a hair video in a minute, so thought I would show you guys an updated routine of how I’ve been styling my hair…

hair13 hair12 hair10

I have been playing around with bigger curling irons lately and have been really happy with the results.  My hair feels a little more relaxed and much more lived in.

hair hair2

As mentioned in the video, I do have a naturally straight texture so my process of styling might be a little different from those that have naturally a lot of frizz or curl.  If you do have a lot of frizz or curl you may let your hair air dry with smoothing products and oils, relax your curls a bit, and then follow the same curling iron technique.


Here I’m using a Babyliss Pro Curling iron that is 1″3/4 in size.  A half an inch bigger than what I’ve used in the past!  When you use a bigger curling iron it also allows you to take bigger sections, which is a big win in my books!

hair9 hair8 hair7

I washed my hair with DP HUE ACV Rinse, and finished with DP HUE Dry Shampoo and SACHAJUAN styling cream.  10 minutes, easy does it, and you have perfectly undone waves for the day!  Hooray!  I hope you enjoy this tutorial, and have a great week!  XOXO