• December 26, 2015
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Perfect Cheeks!


Feeling a little full in the cheeks after all the holiday cheer?  Contouring is the perfect way to give your face an instant slim down, while adding some great definition!  This video is going to show you how to not only contour, but also how to use liquid blush.  I used to be terrified of this type of blush until I figured out how to use it, and now I can’t get enough of it.  The By Terry Aqua Tint: It’s magic!  (that’s my magic face….)


I contour everyday.  It is for sure apart of my routine, and I want to show you how simple it is!  In this video tutorial I’m using my favorite powder from Chanel: the Les Beiges in No50.  I use all forms of makeup to contour: meaning sometimes I’m in a cream mood, sometimes I’m in a powder mood, etc, BUT regardless the technique is always the same.  I’m obsessed with this product and have had it forever.  It seems to NEVER run out….which is a good thing!  The color is perfect, and it does give a nice glow!


Lastly, you also can see my favorite highlighter in action: the RMS Living Luminizer.  I love that this gives a fresh and natural glow, and it never looks like “makeup.”  Well, in my opinion, I don’t really feel like this is makeup…..it’s more like skincare!


All of these tricks are apart of my daily makeup routine, and I think the end result gives a flawless, effortless appearance.  We aren’t going to get too complicated with things, but this definitely will give your cheeks some amazing definition and also a perfect slim down.


PS: How amazing is it that the By Terry can also be used on the lips?  It makes getting ready so much faster for me and is the perfect multi-tasker.  I put the Baume De Rose over the top to give my lips just a little extra moisture!

Hope this video gives you some new inspiration, and hope you are enjoying your holidays!  XO