• January 22, 2016
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Curology Skincare!

I have made a new discovery that I’m really excited about and want to share with you!  A lot of you guys are interested in skincare, like myself, and I’m so happy we are able to share, ask questions, and make reviews together on this blog.  However, sometimes it’s difficult for me because I’m asked questions that I really don’t know the in-depth answer to, or would definitely want to refer to a dermatologist.  I know about skincare from personal use and studying, but of course I don’t know it like a doctor does!  Now I have a solution!  Curology Skincare!


Now you can have the convenience of seeing a doctor and getting skincare advice directly from the comfort of your own home.  Genius, right?  It focuses on just-for-you prescription skincare for acne and anti-aging. The brand connects you with a dermatologist (online) and ships a customized prescription cream for to your door.


Now that I’m getting older and getting sun-spots and aging spots, I wanted to get some advice and medication from a dermatologist.  Sometimes with my freelance schedule it’s difficult to get into a doctor.  I also feel from past experience that when I go into a dermatologist I have to wait in the office for a VERY long time, or don’t get the in-depth attention I need during my appointment.


I decided to try Curology to see how it went, and now I want to explain it to you.

Basically you sign up online, and it will prompt you with a lot of questions about your skin, your skin issues, your current routine, and the current products you are using.  They are very detailed questions and at the same time simple to answer.  After you answer the questions, you upload 3-4 pictures of your skin (sans makeup) to show to the dermatologist so they can see your skin issues, etc.  You then are set up one-on-one with a dermatologist, where they customize a prescription strength medicine for your skin based on the photos, your skin type, and your skin goals.


I was really impressed because I was actually corresponding and chatting with a real doctor and a real human.  My dermatologist was SO sweet, and answered all the questions that I had.  I quickly received my prescription in the mail with detailed instructions, along with a few follow up emails from my dermatologist checking in on me.


I wanted to share this with you guys because I think it is such a genius way to get the attention and the right product for your skin to help improve whatever your concerns are.  The other great part is that they take care of everything for you, (delivered to your door) and it’s only $19.95 per month!  What a steal.  I would highly recommend checking out curology.com, and if you sign up with this link, you actually will get a free month including a consultation and medication!  Consider it my New Years gift, because I want you all feeling super confident about your skin!  Let me know if you have any questions, and cheers to shining skin for 2016! XO