Cover FX Customizable Foundation

So here’s the honest truth: I’m writing this to you with a mixed review!  I wanted to talk about the Cover FX Drops that I’ve been trying the past week.  Every time I put this foundation on, I’m thinking about it, testing it, and trying to decide whether I’m totally excited about it or missing the hype and wondering if I’m doing something wrong!

Let’s first talk about the product and it’s theory:  It’s basically pure customizable pigment.

Pure pigment drops that allow you to customize any product and adjust the level of coverage you desire. Mix them with anything liquid: moisturizers, serums, oils, primers, foundations and tinted moisturizers.

I love this video and it explains everything perfectly!

Brilliant right?  I love that it’s completely customizable.  You can control how much coverage you actually need dependent on the day, the look of your skin, the activity you are going to, or your mood.  That eliminates having to buy multiple foundations.  I love that you can also mix it in with your current skincare regimen so you aren’t having to layer product over product on your face.  All around I feel like this product is a beauty breakthrough, and one of a kind.


So now comes my dilemma.  Do I love it?  Or do I love the idea of it and all it has to offer.  As mentioned, I love that it basically streamlines products into one and simplifies makeup routines.  I think my issue is that it isn’t something I’m putting on and doing backflips over.  I mean, don’t get me wrong…. I like it, I guess I just thought I was going to LOVE it and it was going to be my one and only.  It might also be because I haven’t figured out what works for ME with this product yet.  Typically you buy a foundation and that’s it.  You put it on and blend and that’s what you get.  With this because it is so customized, you have to try it many different ways to really come up with what works for you.

I’ve tried it with my moisturizer and with an oil so far.  The moisturizer definitely gave it more of a traditional foundation finish, and the oil gave it more of that really dewey, glowy finish which was cool!  I’ve also played with some days doing two drops, some days doing 3, so it’s been interesting to discover how much you really need.  You could def do one drop mixed in with your foundation in the morning to go to your gym glass or run errands to give just a little bit more to your look without really feeling like you are wearing full on foundation.


Guess what?  As I’m typing this I think that I’ve figured out why I’ve had such a mixed review!  I think it’s because it is more experimental and trial and error, so it’s been a little more confusing and stressful and therefore made me a little uncertain.  But at the same time I’m stoked on it so I think this product just has a learning curve and trial period.

If you are willing to give it a try and like the fact that you can streamline and customize, I think you have to try it.  If you are someone that is busy and don’t want to think or put time into your foundation, then this might not be for you!

I like that this foundation has gotten me feeling all sorts of ways, however, because for the amount of makeup I’m always playing with it’s good to feel confused and curious!  HAHA makes me feel ALIVE!  I’m just laughing thinking that this whole post might confuse you and I’m sorry, I just really like to write about things as I’m feeling it, and this is how I’m exactly feeling RIGHT NOW!


So here’s the deal:  I’m going to continue to use this product, and also take it with me on set to use for shoots on other people’s skin.  That way I can really discover and learn more.  Then I’m going to do a follow up post in a few weeks with more discoveries or with a better opinion for you.  Sound like a plan?  Meanwhile, if you have used this product yourself an have had discoveries or experiences with it….DO TELL!  I’m hoping for some feedback as well because maybe there are things I’m missing or need to learn more about!  DEAL???  Thanks for reading my random rant, and I hope to hear from you on this subject!  XOXO