• April 14, 2014
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Come on baby, lets RIDE….

I love it when an ad campaign you work on finally comes out.  It’s the perfect happy little surprise when you least expect it.  It’s one of those moments where you work on the photoshoot, get all excited and pumped up about it, then have to wait a few months and slightly forget that you even did it.  Then, magically you see the images after a few months and get excited all over again.  Style Stalker is one of my favorite brands I get to work with.  For many reasons- 1- I love the clothes

2- I love the owners of the brand- two feisty little Aussies that know how to have FUN and work, work, work!

3- These girls are always on point about what they want the vibe of the shoot to be and  pick great photographers/models.

This particular shoot was done last September here in LA with model Ali Collier and photographer Carlos Nunez.  We cruised around different places to capture these vibes and I love how they turned out.  Ali has the worlds most crazy blonde hair, so I tried to keep it natural and free- just adding a little texture and product to the mix.  With her makeup I wanted to bring out her amazing eyebrows- giving them more depth and color.  I added a few individual lashes onto the corners of each eye, then left the skin pretty natural with a little color on the cheeks and lips.  She has great skin so I didn’t need to fully cover it with a foundation (I wanted to see her freckles) so I just concealed in the areas that needed it- mostly just underneath the eyes.  I am still coveting that RIDE sweatshirt (it could be the inner cheerleader in me…. but I think it’s something I need to add to my closet!)  I can’t wait to show you in these upcoming weeks more work I’ve done with Style Stalker- we did 2 shoots last week that I am still smiling about….!

On a personal side note- I am still in LA- so I apologize for the lack of videos- I’m hoping to get that going this week- and it is also the countdown of my birthday week- I will be having the BIG ONE on Friday- 30 years old!!  So stay tuned and follow all of the happenings- Instagram is usually the best way to see it in real time!  Big kisses to the start of a sunny week!  Xx


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