Colour POP + Fuller LIPS

I have been having so much fun playing with a line (new to me) called Colour Pop Cosmetics.  They are born and raised here in Los Angeles.  All of the products are animal friendly as well!  I was attracted to this line for the packaging, the color range, the whimsical feel, and the price point!  I love that they are making great products, but achievable for anyone to get their hands on.  (For example, their lippie products are only $5, eyeshadows are $5, and blushes $8!  SAY WHAT?!)

I wanted to film a quick video telling you all about the line, and what and how I use it!

Here are some of my favorite shadows and colors.  Some have more shimmer, some are more matte.  The texture almost feels a bit wet (though it’s not).  I like to use my fingers to apply the shadow, and really work it into my lids.


I love the blushes as well!  They are quite pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

IMG_3434I honestly have been wearing their Lippie Stix all the time lately.  On the video I’m showing a quick way to make your lips look fuller.  It’s so simple, but works so well.  I think there is two tricks to it: putting your darker lipstick on first and all over, and then using a nude on top and blending together.  The second trick is that the darker lipstick is matte, and the lighter lipstick has a little sheen to it.  The mixture of the textures really makes the lips pop!  My favorite combo is Julep and Skimpy.


I totally love this line and think it’s so much fun!  What a great way to play with color and texture.  Let me know what you like and try, and share your favorites with me! Xx