Makeup should be playful, have fun.  Couldn’t agree more Chosungah!  I have just tried some new goodies from this line, and I cannot wait to share it with you!  Have you ever heard of this brand?  I’ve been attracted to it for a while for just the packaging alone, and am a huge fan of what they stand for, and where the line first came from.


I want to tell you what I tried!  I have to say the innovation of each of these products was next level!  First up: the C&T Blend Luminous Liquid Foundation.


Not only is it a foundation, it also has fantastic skin benefits.  It has two products in one, and you can dispense each of them depending on the needs of your skin.  I typically put the honey volumer on first, and then follow it up with the foundation.

This paradigm-shifting foundation delivers a ‘fresh mix’ of product each time you twist it, enabling you to have healthy, silky skin.
– Create a ‘fresh blend’ of honey volumizer and foundation each time you apply it.
– It has stronger brightening and adhesive effects than the previous version.
– The honey works as a natural humectant for 24 hours.


What’s interesting about this foundation is the finish, and how it goes on.  First of all, a little goes a long way.  It glides on and blends beautifully, yet you still get great coverage.  I can’t even explain it, but I do have to say I was over the moon about it.  The finish is exactly what I love: you look like a glowing porcelain doll!  I used my fingers to apply, but you can definitely use with a soft blending brush as well!




This portable, correcting complexion cream is packed with five patented ingredients that help to transform rough skin into smooth skin. The special texture smooths onto the face without leaving a sticky feel while bringing a shine to the skin all day. It provides a glow effect on light to dark skintones, even on-the-go.

It smoothes, it glides, and it glows!  I love a great highlighter, and I love that this formula smooths out dry skin.  Sometimes it’s a bummer when you can see your makeup, especially if you are trying to look glowy and dewey, so it’s so exciting that this formula cures all of that.  It’s a very lightweight formula, so a little goes a long way.  It comes in two tones depending on your skin color, and is overall super beautiful.



How can something So TINY pack so much punch?  This certainly does.  Just the teeniest bit of product makes the cutest flush on the cheeks and stain on the lips.  I’m obsessed with this lately and use it all the time.  I love the natural look of rosey cheeks, and this finish looks like you have been blushing slightly, or been out in the cold for a minute.  On the lips it blends and sinks into the lips, to give the perfect bitten-stained look.  It comes in 9 colors, I currently have been using the color APPLE RED, but if you are a little less familiar with cream blushes, I might recommend you getting something a little softer.  It also has the same formula as the highlighter to smooth out rough skin, so if you struggle with that, this will be your best friend.  I am so excited to collect all shades of this product, it’s simply the BEST!



Hey there cutie!  Haven’t you walked past this in Sephora and wondered what it’s all about?!

Developed by Chosungah to meticulously groom and tame your brows, this unique brow tinted gel lets you a achieve doe-eyed, dramatic eyes. This brow gel is formulated to match all hair colors without fading. Simply swipe brows with this gel to tame and lock hairs into place. With an ergonomically-designed, two-in-one applicator that includes a brush and a sponge tip, it’ll help you to shape up and define brows with ease and without the mess. Once you sweep it onto arches, this waterproof formula will set, lasting all day without smudging. Formulated with phyto keratin and henna, it nourishes and protects the brows against the elements.

I am loving this product.  I love the applicator and the fact that you can tint parts of the brows that need more color, but also groom them with one applicator.  I typically skip the filling in part of my brows due to sheer laziness or time, but now I can multi task and do both!  YAY!  It comes in four great colors, and all of the colors are fab because they aren’t too warm.

If you have been curious about this brand, I hope this enlightens you a bit.  I agree that all of this makeup is SO FUN, but also so versatile and really well made.  I trust anything coming from a Korean makeup artist is going to be innovative and amazing, and it surely is.  I’m obsessed with Korea’s approach to makeup and skincare, so I’m proud to have products that very well represent their country and theories.  Do you have any favorites from this brand?  If you do, please tell!  Xx