BY TERRY does it again!

OK OK you know I love By Terry.  I just can’t say enough amazing things.  Every product I use is like heaven on earth.  MAGIC.  Anyways, I have yet another product to report to you that is a major game changer.  I’ve been keeping this to myself for the past few months so I could really test it out, and it has made the cut as something I am STILL USING.  (That’s a good sign considering how much skincare I’m introduced to on the reg….)

It’s funny the first time I used these creams, one of my friends that I see regularly stopped me, looked at me, and was like, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOUR SKIN?!  That’s always a great sign when you are using new product!  It made a change immediately after the first use.


So what is the dynamic duo?  The By Terry Liftessence Day Cream before makeup, and the Liftessence Night Cream before bed.  Here’s the skinny on both!

This rich and non-greasy rebuilding, anti-aging and firming balm is a comforting salve that keeps the skin from losing its definition by deeply nourishing and intensely smoothing it.
Its formula enriched with the Essence of the Native Cells of Ruby Rose and Powerful lipid-replenishing, create a protective density-restoring sheathe for the epidermis.
The skin is indulged with nutrients, the features regain their definition, the face’s contours are reshaped with youthfulness.

The rose and lipids are such powerful ingredients for the skin.  These creams seriously are magic in a jar.  A little goes a long way, and I have been using daily and have had the same container for the past few months.  It gives the skin such deep hydration and glow, and you wake up looking like a million bucks.  I’ve also tested this on friends’ skin that have passed by the house and legitimately saw a difference in their skin immediately after putting the day cream on.  MAGIC I tell you!!  If you are in the market for an amazing day cream or night cream, and love the feeling of superb cream, these are the ones to try.  Don’t let the price tag scare you, I always think it’s important to invest in your skin.  It’s the only face you’ve got, so need to treat it right!  Xx