• April 01, 2015
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Body Wash Crush: Caress Forever Collection


As I’m always talking all things BEAUTY, I wanted to introduce you to a new body wash that I’ve been really loving lately.  It’s ironic: growing up I was never much of a body wash user, but that all changed after living abroad in Italy for six months.  Body wash is the norm over there, and bar soap is something you can hardly find.  It got me really into using and trying different brands, and that habit has carried over to my little ol’ shower here in Los Angeles.


I was super intrigued by the new body wash from Caress® Forever Collection.  A body wash, that has fragrance touch technology…..hmmmmm…..what does that even mean?!  Well, it has fragrance release pearls that activate everytime you touch your skin, and it releases fragrance for up to 12 hours.  What came to my mind immediately was thinking of myself as a human scratch and sniff sticker! (For all of you that grew up in the 1980’s…)


So I had to try these out for myself to see and smell what happens over a course of a day.  The body wash comes in two different scents: Love Forever, and Adore Forever.  The Love fragrance is more of a rose aroma, mixed with berry.  The Adore fragrance too has a rose aroma, but is mixed with honey, vanilla, and amber.  I’m a huge fan of anything with amber in it, so that is my personal favorite out of the two.


This body wash is like nothing I’ve ever tried, because it really does release it’s lovely fragrance throughout the day.  I was laughing at how ridiculous I must of looked the first day I used this product, because I was constantly rubbing myself and smelling…!  People around me probably thought I was crazy!  I have to say that this wash comes in really handy for me especially for the type of work that I do.  Being a makeup artist means that you are up close and in people’s faces all day long.  I always am super aware of my aroma because no one wants a smelly makeup artist touching their face.  I’ve had nothing but rave reviews since I’ve been using it, and it’s usually the first comment I get when I enter the room.  People are always asking who smells good, and then can’t believe it when I tell them it’s from a body wash, and that it lasts all day long!  As you can see I’m really excited about this and can ramble on forever, but I can’t help myself!  I love this product and it’s innovative technology.  I would totally recommend you giving it a try, and becoming a human scratch and sniff (but yummy and sensual and delicious), just like me!  Xx



Thank you so much Caress for sponsoring this post! X