Bobby PIN Trick + Easy Fringe Styling

Welcome to the world of cycles….where you saw me cut my fringe, style them for a while, and am now in the process of letting them grow out.  This is standard for me, ask anyone close to me and they will tell you this is a normal process.  I get this crazy impulses, act on them, and then get over it and move on.  No regrets, I really enjoyed the phase of having shorter fringe, I’m just ready for something different….{FOR NOW}.  I don’t really even know if I am “growing” them or what I am doing, I just don’t want to re-cut them short like they were before, so we will see!  I am toying around with cutting my hair shorter but instead of acting with my normal impulsive self, I am trying to really think about it and be patient!  It’s funny looking back on the last year at my hair: WOW, I went through a lot of hair changes and I didn’t even realize it….!

So anyways, onto the fringe.  Some days they style perfectly, and some days they drive me CRAY CRAY!  Ok so you may remember THIS POST about bobby pin tricks that will change your life…..YES change your life.  (Make sure you watch the VIDEO)!  I am proud to say that I had rave reviews about this topic, and I feel confident in saying I changed a lot of frustrated girl’s lives with this information.  You should start there, and learn the basics.

Next up, some little updated tweaks that I wanted to show you for the length that my fringe is right now.  It’s at a funny length.  Because my hair is pretty naturally straight, if I don’t do anything with them they hang flat and in my eyes.  It’s a drag….

So I typically let my fringe air dry at the moment.  If I am in a hurry I will blow dry them but I blow dry them back and forth both directions.  Like pulling ALL of my fringe over to the right and blowing them across my forehead, and then switching and doing ALL of the fringe to my left.  I go back and forth until they are completely dry.  I do the same technique with air drying, combing them and leaving them for a few minutes and then switching, until they are dry.  (It’s an epic “comb over!”) WHY? because by not giving them a definite part, they dry softer and have a nice subtle movement to them that you wouldn’t get if you parted your hair and combed them straight down.  It trains them to move and gives a WAY BETTER RESULT.

Next up:  I’m now pinching my fringe where I want to see the bend in them,  and then sliding a pin in to let them set that way.  Look at this picture and hopefully it makes sense!


Notice that the bobby pin is actually going upwards, not downwards, which will help to keep the “bend” in the fringe.  I do the same on the both sides.  The rest of my hair I have pulled up in a low twisted loose bun, to give it some nice big wave.


This is my standard “at home hair-do”.  It keeps my hair outta my face, but also trains it and sets it to always be looking effortless and cool.  I’d suggest leaving your hair like this as long as possible.  So if you get ready in the morning, do this immediately after you blow dry your bangs so that as they are cooling off they can set in this new shape.  Also, if you are on second or third or beyond day hair, still always have your hair pinned like this.  Once you take the pins down a little spray of dry shampoo and hairspray, and you are ready to go!


See it’s just that little bend, that flows into the rest of your hair.  Trust me, you can’t get this natural effortless look with a curling iron or flat iron…..I’ve tried.  Honestly, this is the BEST and EASIEST WAY! So all pins out, dry shampoo, a little shake, hairspray, and I’m out the door!  I’m still using the Klorane Dry Shampoo, and have been loving the Kerastase Laque Dentelle Hairspray lately for a soft, flexible hold with a lot of shine.


I’m excited for you to use this trick when styling your hair, let me know how it goes!  XO