Bobbi Brown: Effortless Eye Makeup

It seems that I go in phases with makeup.  Have you noticed?  I went a good 8 months avoiding any eyeshadow colors on my eyes, and was all about the smudgy eyeliner……and now I haven’t picked up an eyeliner in weeks.  Why is that?  Are you the same way?  I guess it’s just how trends change with fashion and we wear things we swear we would never wear again….everything comes and goes.

On that note, I wanted to share with you a palette I have been using ON REPEAT lately.  It’s such a gem, and I absolutely LOVE IT!  It’s the Telluride palette from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  It has the perfect balance of matte, shimmer, neutrals, and pretty tones that are perfect for this fall and winter.  I’m talking soft pinks, warm roses, and rich browns: inspired by the sunset.


I have been slightly lazy and using a 3 eyeshadow combo that is amazing, but with it being a palette you could come up with many amazing looks!


I’m not going to lie, this eyeshadow combination has gotten me many compliments and curiosities on what I’m using, so I had to share.  I also wanted to remind you HOW EASY and UNCOMPLICATED makeup can be.  Sometimes I think we “over think” makeup.  You don’t need 100 products to look good or to prove that you are great at makeup.  Most of the time, less is more and it’s more of an art to look great, but look effortless.


I have been wearing this look for day and night, but as I mentioned in the video, you are more than welcome to add to this look.  If you want to smudge a little eyeliner at the base of your lashes and blend it, be my guest!  Makeup is all about balance, and because I usually like to wear a lip, I tend to want to keep other features semi-soft so I don’t look too overdone.  It’s a fine line and you have to discover what works for you and what makes you feel confident in your look.  With that being said as well, I am always adjusting or tweaking my look, or it might be dependent on what I have going on that day!


I was using the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara in this tutorial which I completely adore.  I like how bold it makes my eyelashes and it really builds them up and makes them stand out.  I’m into a big, lashy look lately.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and I would definitely recommend you picking up this palette for the new seasons we are in!  XOXO