Beauty with KIRSTY GODSO

Oh my GODSO is right, not only is the lady an absolute stunner to look at, her heart is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever met.  I am so excited to share with you guys one of the most outstanding trainers out there, Kirsty Godso.  She is a Nike Master Trainer from New Zealand, and don’t let her pretty face distract you from the fact she is one of the strongest and fittest people I’ve ever met.


Let me give you a brief history:  I have the opportunity to work with NIKE as a makeup artist for their videos and photoshoots, and I met Kirsty on one of our shoots.  It was literally love at first sight, and the both of us knew we were going to be best friends.  Like, it was weird….  Then after we found out that we were both MEGA cat ladies, it was all downhill from there.  When I met Kirsty, she didn’t have a stick of makeup on, and looked fantastic.  As the days went on and we got closer, we got more and more into talking about beauty.  She had her little routine that she was used to, but told me that I had completely changed her idea of makeup, and how she sees herself.  I taught her the products that she needed to be using and how to apply her makeup, and (I’m not trying to brag) but she told me it changed her life.  No one had ever made her feel as pretty as she did, and no one had ever made it more simple for her.


Just because she’s a trainer, doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to look and feel good.  She goes on tour a lot, teaches on stage, gets a lot of photos and press, and needs to be camera ready at all times.  Not to mention her Instagram full of #fitspo, fitness ideas, perfect Nike outfits, and yummy breakfast.


I asked my dear friend a few questions that I think you will enjoy knowing, and then I want to share with you her “new and improved” beauty routine!

Tell me briefly about you! 
My name is Kirsty Godso and I’m from Auckland, New Zealand. I am still currently based here however, I spend the majority of my time traveling the world for Nike as a Nike Master Trainer. Initially I started out getting a Commerce degree with a double major in Finance and Marketing but I knew it wasn’t my real passion so after a couple of years working in Marketing I turned my full focus towards my true love of training. I’ve been a trainer for 5 years now and haven’t looked back. I can honestly say that I get up every day excited about my work and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.
A day in the life…..
Every day is a little different but here is what a classic day in my life looks like:
5:30am Get up to teach an early NTC (Nike Training Club) workout at the Nike Women’s Studio
8am Breakfast and shower at home – breakfast is always three eggs scrambled with avocado, chili, tomatoes, spinach and black coffee!
10am Head to the gym and do my own weights workout
1pm Lunch. Preferably when I’m not away for work I like to make my own salads which are always full of good protein, fats and fresh vegetables.
4pm Head back to the Nike Women’s Studio to take another workout there
7-8pm Relax and cook dinner with my flatmates and our cat Niko
I fill my in between moments doing emails, programming workouts and finding inspiration via my favourite blogs.
Favorite food: (DUH)
Avocado with everything! haha
What is your beauty philosophy: 
Less is more!
Why do you workout?
I’m addicted to the feeling of working out. Not just the feeling afterwards but also the feeling during and before. I live for it! You will rarely find me not moving and I always love to be as active as possible in my days. There is nothing more empowering than when you feel strong and confident in your own body.
Why do you think (or do you) think it’s important to feel on top of your beauty game while getting your sweat on?
I think if people are worried about what they look like before they work out, they’re never going to fully focus on their workout. At the same time, a full face of makeup never looks good at the gym! A nice tinted moisturizer will do the trick and still allow you to get your glow on while you’re sweating whilst giving you the confidence you need.
Best beauty advice you’ve ever received?
Don’t touch your eyebrows! Haha thankfully this was one that I did listen to.
Gym bag essentials:
Makeup cleansing wipes, deoderant, eyebrow gel, hairspray and extra hair ties.
If you had to give health advice to my followers, what would you want to tell them?
If you want it, work for it! You’ll get the results you want a lot faster by putting in the effort, not just talking about it or saying #fitspo! This doesn’t just mean getting out there and working out, we need to look at our training and nutrition as a partnership and can’t treat the two in isolation. Health will never be the easier option, or the cheaper one, but it will always be the best one!


So as you can see, this one is absolutely stunning.  What did I teach her?  I taught her a daily routine of beauty essentials so she can get ready, feel fresh, feel confident, but also put together.   We started with the skin.  Exfoliating is SO important for Kirsty, especially will all of the sweat sessions she gets in everyday.  I suggested her using one of my favorite exfoliators, ExfoliKate by Kate Sommerville.  By now you guys know my slight obsession with Sunday Riley.  I tell everybody to get the oil.  Of course, I advised her to get the oil, and she has followed up to let me know that it was a major game changer in her skincare routine.  I also got her on my other favorite Sunday Riley product, Good Genes.  You can read further into both of these products HERE and HERE.


A major priority for Kirsty while training and also in her daily life is having the GLOW in her skin.  Thankfully, that’s my specialty and passion!  In order to prep her skin for a busy day, I got her using the Radiance Primer from Laura Mercier.  She was already using Nars tinted moisturizer, and it looks incredible on her skin, so we are sticking with that.  After her primer and tinted, I introduced her to my favorite concealer (as you know) the Master Conceal from Maybelline.  Full review HERE.  To get the perfect dewey glow, she is now adding my other FAVORITE product, RMS Living Luminizer to her upper cheek bones, brow bone, and inner corners of her eyes.  To give her a natural contour and glow, she is using the Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Golden Light, and applying it to the hollows of her cheeks, and the corners of her forehead/temple.  Easy, breezy, AND PERFECT GLOWING SKIN!


Moving onto eyes, we wanted to keep this as simple as possible.  Curling the eyelashes is a MUST, whether she is going to put mascara on top is optional.  Though, we love the look of a little mascara because it immediately opens up the eyes.  I love the Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curler, and the Loreal Voluminous Mascara is perfect to give her full, soft eyelashes that stay lifted.  Kirsty was BLESSED with fantastic eyebrows, so she just needs a little brow gel to keep them groomed and in place.  Maybelline Brow Drama has the best hold out of any eyebrow gel I’ve ever tried, so that is what she is using.  MORE HERE.  I included a dry mascara wand with her makeup kit, in case she got too much brow gel or mascara on, she could simply use the dry brush to blend.


Lastly, a little color on the cheeks and lips!  The Clinique Chubby Stick in Plumped up Peony was absolute PERFECTION for her cheeks, especially because she has such a natural tan.  It just warmed up her cheeks a touch, and added a little life to her skin.  She uses her fingers to apply the product to the apples of her cheeks, and then blends away.  I gave her two options for her lips.  I love the Wet n Wild Megaslicks  BalmStain in Rico Mauve….it LASTS and is super lightweight.  For a little added moisture, I also love the Burt’s Bees Lipshimmer on her in FIG.  It is the perfect little tone, to add a little moisture and tint to her lips. My number one rule with lip products is to blend with your fingers to really set the color into the lips, and give the most natural, bitten and stained lips.kirsty2kirsty15The result?  Picture perfect, naturally glowing, and effortless chic!  Our favorite look always!  It’s amazing how a few simple products can completely change the way you look, and feel.  Kirsty has told me countless times how confident she feels everyday now having her new routine.  I hope some of these products can inspire you, and make you realize that sometimes less is more.  We are all about enhancing our natural beauty!  Make sure to follow this goddess Kirsty Godso on all of her social media, @kirstygodso!  XOXO and thank you Kirsty for sharing with all of us!