Baume De Rose by Terry

I dedicate this post to one balm, and one balm only.  The Baume De Rose BY TERRY!  Yes, it’s true, I only own one (so far) but it’s my latest obsession and you better believe I’m going to start collecting all of the colors.


By now I feel like you should know me. (Insert blushing face emoji….)  Know me enough to realize I don’t just go after things that are expensive.  How many times have I written about my favorite drugstore products and finds: a million!  I am very neutral when it comes to testing out products.  I don’t care the brand, the price, or if it’s cool or not, I just like things that are great and work well!


This product, however, is not cheap.  One might say…$56.00 for a lip product are you CRAZY!?  Yes I am crazy, but I’m crazy in love for this product.  I’m not going to lie that it has something special about it that makes you happy every time you pull it out of your purse and put it on.  It’s the perfect balance of tint, moisture, and finish.


This product originally started with a clear balm.  Here’s the skinny:

This ultra-rich product is a precious salve to care for and strengthen the cuticles.
Its creamy and delicately rose-scented texture, which is shiny without being sticky, coats the lips in an incredibly natural glossy finish. In an instant, the lips are lastingly smoothed, plumped up, supple and protected!

That became such a success, that now they offer the balm in six different tints.  It has become a must have for all of Hollywood’s stars, and has an uber-cult following.  It treats, repairs, nourishes, regenerates, and leaves long lasting protection on the lips.


The formula has 48 active nutri-sublime ingredients, including essential rose wax, shea butter, anti agin bio-ceramides, floral oils, and vitamins.  It also has protective UV filters!

It’s never sticky or tacky, it makes the lips soft and supple.  It’s slightly glossy, but not sheeny (I just made that word up….).  I use it by itself for a natural gloss and tint of color, or I will layer over some of my favorite lipstick colors to soften the look and give my lips ultimate moisture and fullness.


So that’s it.  I just rambled on for 10 minutes about my favorite new lip balm.  But it’s that good I could keep talking for another 5…..hee hee.  I can’t wait to collect all of the colors, (they have a great range with some being much softer) and as I do keep a lookout on Instagram and I will be sure to share!  XOXO (ps I linked all of the colors and swatches below so you can see the options.  The one I currently own and wear is #3 Cherry Bomb!)