How to Battle a Bad Day

So let’s get real, shall we?  I know I am a positive person, and most of you that know me know that I am pretty “up” all the time.  I feel that it is somehow a born blessing…..yes it’s true….most days the glass is half to three-quarters of the way full.  It’s just the way my brain operates.  I can see positive in almost anything and everything.  Sometimes it’s the biggest blessing, but sometimes it’s a curse too.

I know I talk a lot about beauty on my blog (of course it is one of my biggest passions to share with you), but I want to start incorporating in a little bit more personal feelings and my other passion, which is VIBES, feelings, universe talk, and mind power.  If you know me, you know that I am very into all of these things.  I’m all about self awareness, self growth, and self empowerment.  I feel like it’s my second calling in life.  (You know how they always say hairdressers and makeup artists aren’t JUST artists, they have there psychology degree too…..)!

SO with that being said, let’s talk about having a BAD day.  What do I do, and what advice can I give you?  Well this is a perfect topic because this just happened to me!  This is a RARE occasion, but it happens.  And when it happens, it’s THERE.  Hide all the chocolate, sugar, junk food, emo music, cookies, and please don’t look at me, I might cry…..well wait.  If you need to cry, you should cry.  It’s ok to cry.  Sometimes you just need to get it out and it is so cleansing for the body!

I was lucky enough on my bad day to have my best friend ready and available to have a chat, which always makes me so grateful to have someone I can tell anything and everything.  I know that not everyone has those special people in their lives, or may not be available on speed dial (so don’t worry that wasn’t my only remedy..).  If you do, it’s always good to have a little support from a friend, so make sure to share and let them in on how you are feeling.  Sometimes that alone makes you feel better.

I also went and had a workout.  Trust me, it was the LAST THING I wanted to do.  Like I’d rather sit on the couch, stare at my phone, eat a cookie, and feel sad, and then feel more sad later that I didn’t move my ass off the couch and ate poorly etc, etc.  Luckily I ignored all of those inner thoughts and forced myself to go to a hot yoga class.  Any workout will do: choose something that brings you joy.  Could be running, spin, boxing, yoga, etc, but whatever it is, DO IT!!!!  I always remind myself that if I just show up to do it, I know I will FEEL way better in the end.  Immediately after that class I was already feeling better and more back to myself.

I followed up my class with a really healthy dinner.  That also made me feel SO GOOD, because I knew I was nourishing my body and feeding it with healthy ingredients.  I also woke up the next morning feeling proud of myself for being healthy and not succumbing to my normal sad-girl-bad-food choices.

After the bestie chat, yoga, and healthy dinner, I took some time before bed to reflect.  (Candles lit, and reflection time.)  I accepted that I had a bad day and was sad, and allowed myself to just be.  Sometimes you have to allow yourself that, and not beat yourself up about it.  It’s also important to remember that you can bounce back.  Don’t let one bad day turn into a bad week or month…. you are stronger than that!  I promise if you stick to your guns and push yourself to move your body, eat healthy, and reflect, you will get out of your rut quicker than you can imagine.  It’s all about building up your inner strength: which we all have, it’s like a muscle that you need to exercise.  Let that take over, and before no time you will be back to your normal self, and forget why you were even sad!

I do have to say my friends were surprised about my one day turn around, and I know it’s not always THAT easy, but I do also know if you practice and exercise these suggestions, you will progress and succeed more than you can ever dream to!  I hope I can be here even to make you smile on your bad days, and know that you are BEAUTIFUL, and can make it through!  Xx