• August 15, 2013
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Shot in the scenic state of Utah- working my men’s grooming magic- we shot the iconic Band of Horses video for the single “Knock Knock”, directed by Jared Eberhardt. The action-packed clip, filmed in Salt Lake City, Utah, aims for the rugged aesthetic of a comically bad vintage nature film. The band runs through wild fields and performs on a cliff and in the middle of the desert.


One of the best parts of working on this video is that I am truly a fan of the band. Luckily, they were playing a concert while they were in SLC, so I got to enjoy the   concert from backstage. It was so surreal, having iced coffee with the band 1 minute before they went on stage to perform.  Along with that, getting to know the band made watching their performance that much sweeter!!

Have a great day! Xx