• March 03, 2015
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(I made this video before I lightened and cut my hair…..and totally forgot to share it with you!!!!) It was an impromptu after I blow dried my hair and realized I didn’t (possibly) rinse out the conditioner all the way…OR I added too much product in my hair….but regardless, I didn’t have enough time to re-wash my hair, and had to come up with a solution!


This is a solution to make the best out of your “bad hair days”….switching up your part, adding in texture, and perhaps adding in bobby pins to give it a fresh and controlled look.


As you’ll see in the video, to give the hair more movement, I was curling each section of hair a different direction.  It gave it more of a messy effect by doing it this way.  Also, by changing up the direction of my part, it gave my hair mega volume.  It’s funny how by simply changing your part, you can give yourself a total new look.


Hair accessories are an exciting trend for spring, and I was using an amazing bobby pin from a mega cool Australian jewelry brand, 8OtherReasons.  I also love the hair accessories by a mega cute brand, that is local in LA called Shop Ban.do.  Totally girly, and totally fun!  You can now shop their hair accessories directly on their website, or at Forever21.


At the end of it all, the big reminder is to get creative when obstacles are placed in front of you.  A bad hair day isn’t the end of the world, and if you come up with quick solutions, you can go along your merry way, and possibly have better results than you could have ever anticipated.  I was totally satisfied with this solution, and it lasted me a few days! Hope you like the tip and can find it useful in your day to day! Xx