A Stranger’s Definition of Beauty


Beauty involves so many things. To some it could be a look in someones eyes or the way they purse their lips. Maybe it’s the way they say hello or the way they make you wish they never said goodbye.

To me, a beautiful woman is someone who is not only beautiful physically but more lastingly someone who is beautiful personally. A beautiful woman knows who she is and although she makes no apologies for it, is not prideful. being willing to learn and be truly sincere about it. Humility is a very rare quality, it is something that is so unbelievably important. A humble person does whatever they can to put someone else first, to give even when they’re almost burnt out and is patient.

Beauty is who you are when no one else is looking. The patience you show to those who don’t deserve it. The love you show to the people who can’t return it. The strength you give to the people who don’t want to receive it.