5 Tips to show your INNER SPARKLE

December is one of the most exciting months of the year.  Lights, trees, parties, food, gifts- there is A LOT going on!  Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, and December in general can also be one of the most stressful months of the year.  This week I want to talk all about sparkle- because it is one of my most favorite things in the world!  With so much join going on this month, I think it’s easy to lose some of your inner sparkle, and ultimately, it’s what makes you happy and makes the world go round.

1.  Give somebody a compliment.  It’s quite simple, but has HUGE impact.  Put yourself in the compliment receiving place.  Think about when you have been around someone you know very well OR a stranger and they gave you a compliment.  I bet you still remember what they told you, don’t you?!  I know it seems pretty minor, but compliments leave a MAJOR impact.  It’s something that can totally turn somebody’s day, week, or even month around- and it’s so easy to do.  Obviously, make sure you really mean it, but don’t be shy to share it.  I know sometimes we get embarrassed telling people what’s on our minds, but trust me, the person you are telling it to won’t mind at all.  If you like their shirt- tell them, if you like their cooking- tell them, if you like their home- tell them, if you like their latest Instagram post-tell them…..you get the idea right?  It could be the most simple, or most complex compliment- but anything goes!  I got told the other night that I had a very great voice- it was shocking to me because I’ve never thought that about myself- but it did put a little pep in my step and made me smile.  Why wouldn’t you want to make someone else feel special about themselves?  To me, it’s priceless.

2.  Focus on the positive things you love about yourself instead of pointing out the negative.  This time of year it’s easy to be mad at yourself.  You shouldn’t of eaten that cake, you chose the wrong outfit for the party, you didn’t work out enough this week, or you didn’t drink enough water the day before.  Whatever it is- I’m sure you are thinking about things you don’t like about yourself right now!  STOP IT!  Give yourself a break.  Trust me, I’m all about self-awareness and I think that is a great quality, but at the same time, give yourself a little slack.  We can only do our best.  Relax a little, enjoy a little, and start focusing on the things you like about yourself instead of always going to the things you don’t like or wish you can change.  Personally, I know for me I’ve been there.  Let’s say I go to a party, I eat every “bad for my body” thing in sight, and I wake up the next day feeling terrible.  If I sit and beat myself up for eating badly, thinking that I’m “fat”, and regretting my poor choices, it puts me in a negative spiral.  Then I end up continuing to eat poorly because I’m nervous and stressed about the prior day, and it’s all downhill from there.  Instead, wake up, tell yourself- “Wow Nikki, you had yourself a day yesterday!  That was fun and I’m glad you indulged.  Now, let’s get back on the healthy wagon and treat your body kindly.  Glad you had so much fun!”  I know that sounds silly, but sometimes if you allow yourself that room, then those situations aren’t so massive and they don’t consume your life.  Be positive, love yourself, and fill your thoughts with the good and not the bad.

3.  Quality is always better than quantity.  That’s a simple one.  Quality time, quality conversation, quality gifts, quality connections.  We are all busy, and there is a lot going on.  Instead of hustling and bustling and feeling depleted, think QUALITY over QUANTITY.  Maybe you can only have one phone call with a friend or family member this week, or one party instead of 5.  Pick the ones that bring you joy and leave the most impact instead of trying to do it all and not really being present.  It will make you feel happier, sparklier, and more joyful- which will reflect on everyone and everything around you.

4.  There are many ways to give that don’t involve money, and those are sometimes the most valuable gifts.  Don’t worry about getting the best gifts and spending the most money.  I know for me, something thoughtful speaks SO many more volumes than the monetary price of a gift.  If you don’t have extra money to spend, don’t worry.  A good deed or a helping hand is the best gift you can give.  Whether that’s for a friend or a stranger.  Think about things you can do.  Of course, there are many charities happening this time of year that you can volunteer for- and many ways to give back to the community.  Within your own families or friends- you can also help out a lot- and those moments are going to be the most memorable.  Help do the dishes, babysit a friends kids so they can go out on a date, help them organize, wash their car- I mean the list can go on and on!  (You want to know a secret?  Giving your time to someone else and helping them will be an amazing gift for yourself too, because it will make YOU feel so warm and fuzzy inside!)

5.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  High stress this time of year leads to dramatic situations that don’t need to happen.  ROAD RAGE anyone?  How many frustrated drivers do you see or crazed women in a dressing room line?  It’s all perspective and how you handle situations.  A lot of the time, even when something isn’t the best- by you freaking out and making a scene, it’s not going to change the bottom line.  If you stay calm, keep an open mind, and put yourself in other’s shoes, it will completely change the outlook.  PLUS, it’s no fun to be angry about little things.  We don’t have time for that.  Take a minute, close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and focus.  Everything is going to be OK, and it’s always best to put your focus on the big picture.


You are beautiful darling, don’t forget to show your inner sparkle, and have the most special and memorable days!  Lot’s of love from me to you!  XOXO