4 Bobby Pins + Second Day Hair MAGIC!

That’s right- no joke- all you need is 4 Bobby Pins….. (give or take depending on the thickness of your hair…)  The point is- your life will forever be easier with these little “Bobby Pin Tricks”!!


I have been doing this trick for years- literally- and it is a major game changer in the ultimate looking good with minimal effort.  I’m going to give you some scenarios of when you will use this trick…. BUT WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST!

Scenario 1-  You just blew dry your hair, and it’s just not going your way.  You don’t love your perfectly clean hair because it has no movement to it or needs a little texture.  (This is best to do immediately after blowdrying when your hair is still warm and cooling down…) Grab your bobby pins- decide how much wave you want in it, lightly spray in a setting spray (I like the styling lotion from Bumble and Bumble) and start twisting and pinning.

Scenario 2- You have naturally wavy hair, but it waves more on the underneath and not on top!  Again- grab those pins, perhaps a light curling lotion like Be Curly from Aveda, and add in just a little lotion to your dry hair, twist the size sections based on your natural waves on top of your head, and pin away!

Scenario 3- You just got home from work and have a good hair day and want to preserve it for the next day- (do exactly what I do in the video….that was my scenario!!)

Scenario 4- Your fringe is not going your way.  Lightly dampen your fringe with some One Prep Spray from R+Co to refresh it, and then loop and manipulate your fringe how you want it to lay.  (See video for reference.)

Scenario 5- You are going to hop in the shower but don’t want to wash your hair.  You’ve got to twist it, loop it, and pin it- or else the steam from the shower will set your hair in a different way.  Otherwise the steam will be your best friend and help to refresh it….as long as you let if cool off completely!

Scenario 6- You are going to do a light workout and you don’t want to have to redo or mess up your hair.  Start twisting, looping, and pinning based on how you wear your hair!

photo 2photo 1photo 2

Are you catching my drift?  This trick can be customized to your hair type and lifestyle.  It works on clean hair, dirty hair, pretty hair, and messed up hair.  You just have to tweak it based on your needs.  It also works on all lenths of hair and fringe.  Good rule of thumb as I mentioned in the video- the smaller the loops or buns- the tighter the curl.  The bigger the loops and buns- the bigger the curl.  Pretty simple.

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.  I know for a lot of my clients that I’ve taught it to it’s a big game changer. Typically after I pull my hair down I will add in a little Dry Shampoo, texturizing spray, or shine cream in the ends depending on how I am wearing my hair that day.  and then…..MAGIC!  Happy Friday to you, and happy easy hairstyling!  XO