A common question I am asked is how I am always looking so fresh and awake.  It’s all in the under eye concealer, baby!  It’s the instant way to refresh, brighten, and wipe all the darkness away.  I am shocked by how many people actually don’t use under eye concealer and I have to tell you it’s one of the top things you should be using NO MATTER WHAT in your makeup routine.

Did you know in all honesty the concealers I usually always use are from the drugstore?  I don’t know why, what, or how, but the formulas I’ve found there are some of my favorites.  I want to share them with you, because of course, YOU NEED TO KNOW!

So, I chose my three favorites.  They are all similar in some ways but have a few differences depending on what your desired result/skin type is.  Here we go!



If you know me and have followed me for a while, you know that this is my ultimate go-to.  I have used it in videos, written reviews about it, and praised it.  It’s just the one that works, ya know?  I have every color in my artistry kit, use it on everyone (no matter if you are a celeb or not…) and use it daily on myself.  I think it’s in the formula.  It’s the perfect blend of being a thinner consistency that goes on wet, but has great coverage and dries down without moving.  Less is more with this product.  I apply it on myself with my fingers, tapping it into my under eyes instead of rubbing.  That is key, the TAPPING.  If I use it on jobs I use a fluffy shadow brush and put just a little bit on the brush to blend into the under eyes.  IT JUST RULES!



This concealer is very similar to the description of the Maybelline, but it has one difference.  It actually has a little bit more of a moist, glowing finish.  Just slightly.  I feel like this is the perfect concealer for those that have a dry skin type.  I consider myself to have more of a normal skin type but I love to use this when I’m feeling like I need a little more radiance and extra glow.  I use this both for my under eyes and also for sun spots.  This is what this concealer is actually intended for.  It has Vitamin C and a licorice-enriched formula that instantly reduces the appearance of age spots and discolorations for smooth, more even looking skin.  The only thing I wouldn’t really recommend is using the applicator.  I always choose fingers and blending or a fluffy brush.



I just recently picked this up and have been loving it!  This concealer has a great consistency like the other two listed, but it also has a little bit of an illuminating ingredient in it.  It’s more of a 2 for 1 product.  Concealing and illuminating.  It does come with a brush as well, but as you know, I love a finger application as always!  It dries down beautifully and doesn’t crease.


The thing that I love about all three of these concealers is the magic on how they have plenty of coverage, but they go on with minimal product, and they DRY and DON’T crease.  Honestly, depending on your budget it wouldn’t hurt to try one, two, or all three of these, and see what works best on your skin or what is going on daily with your skin for what you need.  I typically use it for both under eyes and extra spot concealing.  For me it hasn’t been a problem with color matching, and with good blending (look at this video to see exactly how to cover a blemish and sun spot) and it’s easy because it’s a 2 for 1 product.  I hope these tips help, and I would highly recommend these to ANYBODY!  Have a great day!  XO