2 Drug Store Mascaras I can’t live without

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MASCARA is a question I am asked a lot.  My response- initially, I stare back like a deer in headlights.  My head starts spinning, thinking of all of the mascaras I’ve tried over the years since I was….12 years old!

My obsession to find a great mascara started when I was in High School- I remember going to the Drugstore and purchasing 5 different mascaras at a time! (Now you know where my hard-earned-minimum-wage-from-working-at-a-craft-store-money went….)  Anyways….let’s just say lashes have always been important to me and great mascara has always been my quest.

I’ve gone through so many different brands and types of mascara- from high end luxury to the cheapest you can find.  I’m open to them all- you never know until you try!  I’ve been into two great mascaras lately- both from the drugstore! I am going to keep it simple for you today- and only talk about these two- and give you other favorites and reviews in future articles-

SO drumroll please…

Ok so the first one I have written about before- months ago- BUT- I am mentioning it again because it is one for me that I keep on going back to AND it is now available in the US!  Yay!  Finally!  It’s the Loreal Miss Manga Mega Lash Mascara.  It gives you great volume on the top and bottom.  The brush has a 360 degree flexor that helps you build up to 15x the volume in a flash.  I like that the shape of the brush is more of a cone- so it’s easy to do little detail work on the inner, outer, and bottom lashes.  I also like the texture of the mascara.  I feel like you can really build it up to give MEGA LASHES!  Some people have told me that it’s too heavy for them- my solution- (and one I use for ALL mascaras) scrape off some of the mascara from the wand back into the tube before using.  Usually too much mascara is on the wand and is the reason why it is going on too heavy.  Once you remove some of the product- it should go on great.  I always use two coats, and use the scrape off technique on each coat of mascara.  Miss Manga also comes in Waterproof for the ladies that prefer that formula.

Next up- Maybelline Pumped Up!  Colossal Volum’Express.  I just started using this mascara about a month ago and it seems to be the one I’m always grabbing lately!  It’s Maybelline’s biggest mascara brush with a double curved stem- so it delivers a double shot of mascara.  I feel like the texture really gives the lashes a lot of fullness and volume.  It’s especially good for the girls that have trouble keeping their lashes curled- with this mascara it’s not going to make your lashes droopy or sad after applying- it will help to keep them up and perky!  It’s a pretty large brush- so you just have to keep your eyes nice and wide while applying- and make sure to use the wand scraping technique I mentioned earlier!

Hope you guys enjoy this tip- and give it a try- sometimes the drugstore brands rock more than the luxury- and at a third of the price you might even want to try both!

Travel update- I’m here in Milano now- getting ready for the kick off of Fashion Week starting on Wednesday.  Chiara, myself, and the Redken Team are ready to rock another great week here.  I’m so happy to be back- it feels like my second home- and the weather is killer right now!  (Let’s cross our fingers it stays this way!!)  XO Nikki