how to touch up second day HAIR

The first disclosure I need to give with this post is that I’ve had this video sitting on my iMovie for about a month or so because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it.  Yes, it’s me with no makeup on and you know how that feels….  I was thinking, ewww gross I don’t know if I want to put my no makeup face out in the world for all to see (and/or) judge…..but then here I am posting it anyways.  I have been struggling a bit lately with breakouts that have come out of left field, so it’s a new feeling for me to have bumpy skin or mini breakouts.  I also have the joy of being in the over 30 crowd…so sunspots are popping up as I’ve mentioned in the past.

ANYWAYS, isn’t it fun being a girl and putting yourself out there?  I’m sure (hopefully) you can relate, and at the end of the day our beauty comes from within, how we treat others, and what impact we can give to the world.  So that is what I am going to focus on.


What this mini tutorial is all about is showing you how to touch up your curls on the second or third day.  I’ve showed you how I do my hair from scratch, but this is all about the post sleep or workout hair.

I explained in the video, but the most important thing to keep in mind is to pull your hair down directly after your sweat session.  Even though your hair might be wet, you want it to dry down and not in a ponytail or bun.  I actually prefer my hair after a workout because it gives it a little bit of grip and texture that I cannot create on my own clean hair.  It usually makes it a little bit more of an imperfect wave and gives it a nice piecey texture.


The rest you will see in the tutorial, but it’s a pretty simple way to keep the hair looking fresh and polished for the days to come, and literally it will take you under 5 minutes to fix your hair for the day.

I have been rotating through products that I like to use for post curl touchups, and here’s what I’m into:

  • Ken Paves Dry Shampoo: It’s affordable, the bottle is huge, and I am obsessed with the smell.  It has more of a natural smell to it, and reminds me of Aveda.  OH and yes it absorbs oil amazingly and I feel like it doesn’t leave a big white residue.
  • Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray:  This pumps up the VOLUME.  But majorly.  It will give your hair a dry, grippy texture, but remember, a little goes a long way.  OH and yes the smell is the bomb dot com.  (Tom Ford created the fragrances for this line…)
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray:  This acts more as Oribe’s version of a dry shampoo.  The mist is fine, and doesn’t leave any white residue.  The consistency is very, very dry, so it’s great for really fine hair.  Again, smell is amazing and a little goes a long way!
  • Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo:  This applicator is a bit different, it comes out in a pure powder form without an aerosol.  The smell is TO DIE FOR, and it is small and compact so it’s easy to take around.  Plus, it’s kind of fun to puff it into the hair instead of spray.
  • Sally Hershberger 24 K Dry Oil:  For my ends I have been finishing with a bit of oil since my hair has been pretty dry lately.  I love this oil.  It’s dry, gives the hair a lot of moisture, and a bit of piecey texture as well.  You literally don’t need anymore than the size of a dime to coat all of the ends.  Make sure to keep it just from the mid-shaft to the end or else it will get the roots greasy.
  • GHD Curling Iron:  This is the cream of the crop as far as curling irons go.  It does not have a heat adjustment, because it only heats up to the perfect temperature to curl your hair, but not overheat or damage.  It’s ceramic, has a lot of research and technology behind it, and is my favorite curling iron to use.  You can also get it in a size bigger HERE.

I hope this tutorial is helpful for you, and thanks for checking in with my blog to see what I’m up to!  XOXO


  • Dea

    October 06, 10 2016 09:29:53

    Dear Nikki i just wanted to say thank you for doing this video without makeup. First of all you`re beautiful with and without makeup. I’m 24 but still i often struggle with breakouts. I try to eat right and drink a lot of water and no matter what i often have acne. What you did here it’s amazing because you showed us that even you have this days when your skin isn’t perfect and it really means a lot to me, because even though your work is so glamorous you managed to stay so down to earth and so lovely to your followers and fans.This video is great as usual because when your hair is clean it always looks good but the second day it needs some help. And i always wondered what you do when your hair is damaged , do you iron it or curl it or just leave it put because your hair always looks on point. Sorry if my english isn’t so good. xoxo

    • Nikki DeRoest

      October 17, 10 2016 05:31:39

      Hey Darling thanks so much for your comment! Yes we all have our struggles and I’m right here with you! Don’t give up, and keep eating well and drinking water. Make sure you are always keeping your skin clean and wash before or after the gym and always before you go to bed! And your english is perfect! Thanks for following me and I will always try to keep you up to date on advice! Big kiss! X

  • Erin

    October 18, 10 2016 03:41:44

    Wonderful tutorial and thank you for the fresh faced video and being so real!
    Agreed- it is hard to put yourself out there, but skin struggles resonate with so many women. Thanks for sharing your frustrations and tips.
    Also, that photo of you in this post with your eyes closed- what eye shadow are you wearing? That color is gorgeous!

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 13, 11 2016 07:28:27

      thanks so much for the sweet comment. I’m so sorry I’m always trying new eyeshadows so I really can’t remember which one it is. XO

  • Chris

    November 25, 11 2016 01:14:37

    I will have to recommend this blog to some of my clients. Beautiful video! :)

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 27, 11 2016 11:13:19

      Thanks so much!

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