Tonight’s SMOKEY EYE

Going out tonight?  Here’s a little smokey eye magic, using CK One shadow mixed with a fantastic palette from Stila Cosmetics.  I found this video on my computer and realized it was never published, so we’re bringing it back from the archives of the fall!  I typically never wear a smokey eye because it feels too heavy for my own personal look, but when I do, I feel like it automatically transforms me into a different person.  That’s why makeup is so much fun!

I love the eyeshadows from CK One.  Not only is the packaging so esthetically pleasing, it also glides onto the eye so effortlessly.  I used Fearless from CK One: it’s a mix of a dark olive/khaki/brown with some specs of gold.  I like creating smokey looks not using the traditional black or grey.  I smudged in some goldie brown tones along my crease using the fantastic palette from Stila called Soul, and also used the lightest colors in this palette for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of my eye.  I then smudged some dark dark brown eyeliner from Stila along my lash line and inside my waterline on both the top and the bottom.  Then, as always, mascara on top and bottom- 2 coats!  To finish the look eye, I added depth and texture to my brows using Brow Drama from Maybelline in the dark tone.

Notice in the video I used some lotion from Embryolisse underneath my eye to clean up any fall out from the eyeshadow.  This is such a great tip and a gentle way to remove makeup and moisturize at the same time.  If I am ever to do a heavy eyeshadow look, I always do the eyes first to avoid a messy clean up on perfectly done foundation and concealer.  Then I topped off the look with a light foundation, under eye concealer around the eyes and nose, highlight and contour, and a light peachy cheek and lip.

This is just a quick little inspo video for you: to have fun and play with makeup, and to remember that you can always switch up your look with just a little eyeshadow.  I hope you enjoy your weekend and your night! Xx


  • Claire

    January 18, 01 2015 12:33:34

    Hello Nikkie !

    I love this look on you, as you said, very rock and intense ! Which mascara are you using?
    I would love to see a full look video using the Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow in Titian (I fell in love with it when I saw it on your instagram (@clairesinsights).
    Also eager to see your full new skincare routine :)
    Keep going your wonderful work, xx


  • Merrygoroundgirl

    January 18, 01 2015 07:53:31

    This make-up is so awesome, the colors works really well.
    I must say that the Stila’s palette is beautiful!

  • Kate

    July 01, 07 2015 02:29:40

    Hi Niki

    I’m a new reader so I’ve never seen this look of yours. You look great with the long dark hair. Very punk, very rock.

    Really gorgeous!

    • Nikki DeRoest

      July 03, 07 2015 03:44:18

      Hey thank you so much! It’s funny how makeup can totally change your look! Appreciate you reading my blog! XO

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