things you may be forgetting that cause BREAKOUTS….

As you know lately I have been having a slight bit of a struggle with my skin.  Breakouts like I’ve never had them before, and a lot of trial and error to try to figure out what’s been wrong with it.

Here’s a few things that I can conclude that may have been attributing to my skin problems and I’m a little embarrassed to admit because I feel like I wasn’t being very mindful….

As we know, it makes sense to wash your face before bed.  No brainer.  If you aren’t doing that already, I BEG YOU to start.  Your skin will improve immensely.  Guess what I wasn’t doing?  Washing my face before I worked out.  For example: if I were coming from work or whatever I was doing that day, I didn’t clean or wipe my face before my sweat session.  I didn’t even think about it!  When I started tracing back when I really started to have problems with my skin, it was around the time I really got into hot yoga.  I basically was walking into a hot room that was opening up my pores, and letting the days makeup or bacteria seep into my skin.  I hate writing this because it makes me realize how silly it was to not think about that further.  The solution I’ve come up with is that I like to keep some gentle makeup wipes in my car.  That way I can wipe my face before I go into the gym and even afterwards if I’m not going straight home.  Otherwise, pack some cleanser in your bag so you can wash your face at the gym.  It will help your skin so much!

Even though you are the only one at home using your makeup brushes, you still need to give them a bath.  I think washing them about every two weeks is the perfect amount of time.  Again, that way you are keeping yourself safe from bacteria or transferring from your makeup- to your brushes- to your face.  I started paying attention to places that I was getting some congestion in my skin, and one place I was breaking out I noticed had to be from my brush not getting cleaned as frequently as it should.  I like to use any sort of gentle shampoo to wash my brushes.  Baby shampoo works great!  Shampoo them with warm water and your hands, using a nice circular motion.  I usually use the palm of my hand with some soap as the base to wash my brushes.  To dry, lay them out a towel to dry flat.  Make sure everything is smooth or set how you would want the brush to look after it’s dry.  I don’t like to let them dry upward in a cup because it lets water seep down into the handles, which will shorten the life span of your brush.

Are you frequently washing your pillow cases?  Again, that is a place we probably don’t think about as a trigger for breakouts.  BUT if you really start to think about it, I imagine you probably don’t wash your hair everyday, and if you don’t keep the pillow cases frequently washed, it could lead to some breakouts.  I would suggest washing or changing your pillow cases at least once a week as a minimum.

I would also suggest to keep your phone clean and wiped down at all times.  GROSS when you really start thinking about how dirty your phone could be….  At the least using alcohol wipes or lysol wipes would be the perfect solution for keeping bacteria away.  Also don’t hold the phone up to your face when you are talking on it.  Maybe try headphones or holding it slightly away from your ear.

LASTLY, don’t touch your face!  Again, a simple concept, but you don’t want to transfer any germs or bacteria from your hands onto your face.

I hope some of these suggestions will help you.  It’s funny I think I got into the habit of thinking that my skin was invincible from breakouts, until it really started to happen and I panicked.  Let my mistakes keep you safe from getting breakouts yourself.  Of course, I still get the occasional zit here and there, but by being more careful, I’ve improved my skin immensely.  Comment below if there are things that have helped you with your skin or simple things that I may be forgetting….sharing is caring!  X


  • Elizabeth

    November 26, 11 2016 11:09:41

    Excellent!! Thank you 😚

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 27, 11 2016 11:13:06

      You are welcome!

  • Jessica

    November 27, 11 2016 01:14:47

    Nice! I never thought about wiping my face in the gym. I separate towels in my house, one for the face, one for the hands and another for the body. Never dry my face with the same towel as the hands or body because they can have oil or bacteria.

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 27, 11 2016 11:12:56

      All the details are always so important. Thanks for sharing! X

  • Ari Kane

    November 27, 11 2016 05:09:10

    I wash my face every night as well and wash our linens every Sunday-so so important!! When I skip my face breaks out!! What wipes do you use? I would like to try for maybe a quick eyes wipe before cleansing. Mascara always a struggle

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 27, 11 2016 11:12:25

      I have been using the Babyganics hand and face wipes. I just keep them in my car for easy access. I also like the wipes from Burt’s Bees. Thanks so much for commenting!

  • berengere

    November 27, 11 2016 10:03:50

    Hi Nikki!
    I’m french and I adore your blog and Instagram. I’ll try to give some advice too, in advance excuse me for my bad english :-))
    Few month ago, I had so much troubles with my skin, it was horrible and I realized (like you) that few things gave me spots…So I started to change my ” beauty routine”:
    – I don’t put anymore my face under the hot water when I take a shower (the water has too much limestone).
    – I wash my face before go to bed with BIO oatmeal. Take a handful in your hand, clench your fist with the oatmeal inside, put it under water, press it a little bit and you’ll see a sort of milk, wash delicately your face with this milk and the oatmeal too. Rinse your face with mineral water (I put mineral water in a spray and I “pschit” on my face to take off this milk and oatmeal). I finish with mineral water in spray (Evian or other brand).
    – Each morning I use a special soft glove, the name is “lapiglove” (link: You can use it without product, just with water and it works on waterproof!!!! It’s amazing for a clean skin. You can also use it the evening to wash your face without using oatmeal. I finish with mineral water in spray.
    – Once per week I do a mask with “Ghassoul powder” from the brand Logona. This is a moroccan clay (link: I alternate with a natural peeling with BIO liquid honey and sugar ( to do this paste: a bit of BIO liquid honey, a little little bit of mineral water, a bit of sugar in powder…it’s easy as 1,2,3)
    – To finish, I found a good day cream from Caudalie (link:
    My skin is now clear, without spots…This routine is economical and simple :-)
    I hope my experience will help some ladies and was not too annoying to read.
    Thanks so much for your blog!!!
    Kiss from France

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 27, 11 2016 11:10:45

      THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! It’s always interesting to learn what steps work for others, and I’m sure many others will appreciate your advice. And your English is great! Thanks for reading, and taking the time to share! XO

  • Anne Timss

    November 28, 11 2016 07:38:28

    Hi Nikki!
    I love your IG, blog and style 👌🏼 Thanks for the tips, I was just talking about breakouts with a client the other day. Out of nowhere she’s dealing with a huge issue, I’m going to share this post on my FB biz page and directly with her

    PS!! I’m all over the place trying to get one of those Ardell brow fibers, so sold out in Seattle 😢

  • Anna

    December 01, 12 2016 09:34:18

    hi nikki,

    i also had troubles with my skin since the beginning of the year. it was a hormonal issue and i also had a iron deficiency. now it’s balanced again but a few things that really helped me in addition:
    “never ever touch your face” – this is sooo important :)
    i also love using a “healing earth mask” (i don’t know if this is the right word – sry my english is not that perfekt, i’m from austria 😉 ) here is the link:
    i put on this mask once a week and i really love it! It’s all natural (what i prefer) and it balance out your skin (if you are dry it gives you moisture and if you are oily it absorbs the oil).
    i barley have breakouts any more (sometimes a zit) but when i do i use the healing earth mask!

    love anna

  • Eleni

    December 01, 12 2016 10:41:31

    Hey Nikki,
    thanks for your post. I always wonder what to do when working out, I’m obsessed with skincare but I feel washing my face three times a day may be a bit too much. The thing is, if I remove my makeup with bioderma before working out, I need to moisturise. But then I still feel that my face is not clean when working out and it is uncomfortable. Any thoughts? xo

  • Francois

    December 14, 12 2016 06:20:27

    Never thought about these and I feel as ashamed as you were writing this 🙈🙈 + one thing I noticed when I get a zit is when I ate too much! My body just cannot process that much food and it finds its way out through the skin 😭😭

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