big, soft wavy hair


There are days when my hair is freshly washed and I think to myself that I am going to wear it straight.  Like not touching it with the curling iron at all.  I blow it out, grab my round brush, use all my old hairdresser skills……and last about 20 minutes with it straight!!  I can’t decide if it’s because I’m naturally blessed (or cursed) with straight hair, and I’m a woman so I always want what I don’t have, or if I just look better with a little wave in my hair.


However, not all wavy hair is created equal.  We’ve got kinky waves, messy waves, beach waves, old Hollywood waves, and now today, THE SOFTER WAVE!  So this would be considered my compromise when I don’t want to be too textured, but want to add a little bit of bend to my hair.  It’s the “in between straight and wavy hair.”


Any length of hair can use this technique, however, I will say that if you have really long hair, you may want to hold the curling iron in your hair a little longer to set it, and/or use a little bit bigger of an iron.  As you know long hair will pull on the wave a lot more, so you can be a little more aggressive with your technique.  Since my hair is a lot shorter right now, I still used full heat on my curling iron, but just didn’t hold it in my hair as long.  I also took BIGGER sections, and they were more vertical sections than horizontal sections.  Make sense?  Well, if it doesn’t, I HAVE A FULL VIDEO TO TEACH YOU!


I hope these videos aren’t like a broken record for you, but I get requests on how I style my hair all the time!  These simple little tweaks on how to curl (like which direction the curl goes, how big the sections are, what heat the curling iron is on, how to curl the fringe, and what products I use) make all the difference on how the waves will turn out.


I’ll let the video do the rest of the explaining, and send me more requests (anything, not just hair) so that I can create more videos and blog posts based on what you want!  If you are celebrating the 4th of July, I hope you have a blast, and keep it safe!  XOXO


  • Carine

    July 03, 07 2015 03:48:28

    I love your tutorial . Going to try the curling iron . Merci

    • Nikki DeRoest

      July 03, 07 2015 03:54:50


  • Ashley

    July 04, 07 2015 08:38:25

    Hi! What’s the Beyoncé remix from your Instagram post?

    • Nikki DeRoest

      July 09, 07 2015 03:00:42

      It’s just from a mashup song I found on my computer. So sorry I don’t have more info on it! XO

  • Aubrey

    July 07, 07 2015 02:32:26

    Your makeup is always great, but especially in this video. What are you wearing?

  • Liz

    August 01, 08 2015 09:32:47

    Can I get this same look using a curling wand? I looove this tutorial and can’t wait to give it a try!


    • Nikki DeRoest

      August 04, 08 2015 03:29:00

      you certainly can! Make sure it’s a bigger wand and would be better if it’s all one size! Good luck, and thanks for the question! X

  • Victoria

    August 18, 08 2015 08:37:39

    Thank you Nikki! Your tutorials are just always on point, I love you! And, by the way what lipstick are you wearing on these photos? Looks wonderful on you! <3

    • Nikki DeRoest

      August 21, 08 2015 01:56:23

      Thank you so much for the compliments! This is actually a lipgloss from Urban Decay. Here is the link and the color is called Drunk!

  • Shay

    March 20, 03 2016 12:35:59

    Love your cut! What did you tell them to do?

    • Nikki DeRoest

      April 03, 04 2016 09:46:08

      If you search my haircare section I have a video about how I color and cut my hair and what I tell the hairdresser!

  • Diana

    November 17, 11 2016 10:13:28

    I have been trying to perfect this style for nearly a year by using various wands, straighteners and tongs and watching multiple YouTube videos. But I always got a really inconsistent finish and often too tight curls. Yours is the only one that has helped me totally nail this look. THANK YOU!

    • Nikki DeRoest

      November 27, 11 2016 11:13:46

      Yay! So glad that you can nail it. Once you’ve got it, it’s easy! Enjoy! X

  • Sarah

    September 18, 09 2017 06:38:45

    What curling wand is it that you use? Which size is it?

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