Talking Sunday Riley and SKINCARE!

Skin video, skin video, SKIN VIDEO!

I don’t need to say much because I’ve said enough in this video.  I wanted to update you guys on my skin, struggles, skincare regimen, and favorite products that I have used on repeat lately.


It’s no secret I love Sunday Riley, and I’ve introduced a new product into the routine as well that I will talk more about in this video.  I love the line because it works, and you see and feel great results from using it.  Out of everyone I’ve turned on to the line, I’ve seen nothing but good from them using it.  True results and improvements have happened.  YAY!

Sunday Riley is a pioneer in the field of green technology, the perfect union of advanced actives and purified botanicals to transform skin.  If you haven’t given this line a try, I highly recommend it, even if it just means collecting one product at a time until you can have a few on rotation.  It truly is that big of a game changer and I feel confident recommending it to anyone and everyone!  ENJOY! Xx


  • Julie

    October 11, 10 2016 08:16:23

    I’m a lover of Good Genes and Luna as well! I have been using UFO (her newest one) for acne treatment as needed. From what it sounds like, we have similar acne issues. Give it a try if you can. I love it for those little under skin ones and healing the surface skin ones too.

    • Nikki DeRoest

      October 17, 10 2016 05:23:33

      Oh this is such great info! I’ve been wondering how the UFO worked so happy to hear that you are enjoying it. It sounds like I need to get it ASAP! xx

  • Lucy

    November 07, 11 2016 03:28:13

    Sunday Riley Good Genes purchased, thank you! All about the advanced actives + naturals ingredients xx

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